The Only Guide You’ll Need to the Full Moon Party

When planning for your trip to Thailand, there is one requirement you should never miss and that is to experience the infamous Full Moon Party!

The Full Moon Party is a massive festival-like party held on the island of Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand. Every night of the full moon, thousands, and by thousands, I mean 30,000 – 40, 000, people from all over the world would come and take part in this joyous festival and to party non-stop!

There would be a lot of drinking and dancing going on because this beach has several established bars having their own sound systems, making you hear different full-blasted music anywhere you go.

There are also fire dancers, and other activities like getting yourself a glow-in-the-dark face paint.

Even though there are thousands of drunk people around, it is very rare to see any commotion or problems. It goes to show how fun and awesome the people are and how they are here to have a really great time.

The Full Moon Party is where you can drink and dance until you pass out!

Check out the latest schedule to see when you can go, and keep reading for the how-tos and tips on experiencing the Full Moon Party in Thailand.

The first question now is,

How to get there?

There are no airports on the island of Koh Phanga which means everyone comes by ferry from the city of Surat Thani or from Koh Samui.

  • From Surat Thani: You must catch a ferry that will take you at the main pier in Thong Sala. Then take a taxi ride to Haad Rin. The ferry tickets will cost about 600 baht (round-trip) and the taxi will cost 100 baht.
  • From Koh Samui: You can catch another ferry, that will leave either from Big Buddha Pier or at the Maenam Beach, to take you to Thong Sala or Haad Rin. The ticket will cost around 200 baht.
  • There are buses that run overnight from Bangkok to Ko Pha Ngan for 450–600 baht (including the cost for the ferry.) Take the overnight bus ride to Surat Thani, you will have to sit at the ferry terminal for a few hours, and then get on board the ferry to the island. It will be a long and tiring journey but it’s way cheaper than flying. But don’t worry, the long wait will be worth it once you get to the party!
  • If you decide to fly from Bangkok directly to Koh Samui International Airport, flights are roughly average at around 3,000 baht – 4,000 baht for one way (with taxes and fees.) During the peak seasons and especially on New Year’s Eve, ticket prices will inflate and can get as high as 5,000 baht. From Koh Samui, you need to get to a boat across to Ko Pha Ngan. This costs approximately 310 baht. This is the fastest way and is great if you are short on time and if you no longer need to explore other parts of Thailand.

Where to Stay?

There are a lot of accommodations all over the island, in Haad Rin and in Bann Tai (is a 10-minute tuk-tuk ride away from the main event and is a little quieter, and I mean a little.)

The day closer you get to the full moon, the higher the prices are. On the day or day before the party, prices are doubled! On New Year’s, prices are tripled! And that not only includes the accommodation, but other expenses as well.

So, should booking online in advance be a good idea?

No, especially on New Year’s. Accommodations online will be the most expensive and will require long and exaggerated minimum days to reserve (some require even minimum of 10 nights!)

There are a lot of accommodation options that are not found online and the only way you’ll be able to find them is by showing up there.

Accommodation typically books up solid on Koh Pha Ngan the week before and after the Full Moon Party. Believe me, you don’t want to show up at the day or night before the party and think you will find a place by then because you’ll just end up wandering the streets and never find a place to stay. It’s better to book in advance.

On the Full Moon Party

On the day of the party, you will see more and more people coming in. People will start drinking earlier than usual and will slowly head to the beach when the evening comes and will start partying.

Tips to Survive the Party

DO NOT DO DRUGS! There are a lot of people selling drugs here and all drugs are illegal in Thailand and punishable by law. If someone offers to sell you drugs, just back away and continue to enjoy the party.

Do not attempt to finish a bucket alone, they’re deadly! It’s a teamwork kind of drink. There will be lots of booths selling plastic buckets filled with alcohol and you are given 5 straws for you to share!

Make sure to drink lots and lots of water before and during the event. Drinking alcohol is dehydrating, and even though it’s nighttime, the weather is still hot and humid. Water will also lower your chances of getting a bad hangover the next day.

Stay nowhere near the ocean! Not only there’s a great risk of drunk people drowning, but the ocean is being used by everyone as their personal toilet droning the party. EW! You don’t want to get caught in someone else’s pee…or even worse.

It is important that you wear some kind of footwear: While on the beach, being barefoot and all might be the best option, but you have to be careful because broken bottles and other sharp objects might be in the sand. You don’t want your precious feet to get all bloody during the party, right?

What to bring during the party? Bring only what you NEED. Money, food, drinks, keys. That’s about it.

The Full Moon Party is one of the biggest and best-known premier parties in the world. Travelers of all ages and nationalities have come together to celebrate this massive festival. The party is truly one of a kind, but if you are not careful and without doing first your research, your experience can get pretty expensive and might find yourself in a dangerous situation.

But don’t worry, you have already gone through reading this post and found great tips. I’m sure you will have a hell-a great time during the party.

Remember, for a stress-free Full Moon Party experience:

Come early, book a room, stay safe, and just party til you drop!



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