Technologies that were used in movies but now a reality

The cinematic world is a world of  alternate reality. This amazingly stupendous world not only makes us amazed with its amazing stories and props, but many times it shows us the vision of an amazing future. Many times we have seen many futuristic props or technologies, that at the time might looked impossible to exist. But thanks to modern technologies, many of those techs are now a reality.

Here are the few great technologies that were portrayed in movies a long time ago but now a reality-


1. Mobile phone: The first portrayal of mobile technologies was used in back in 1966. And the the show? Star Trek! Yes, the device that we carry everyday the device that made the whole world available in our hand was first portrayed in Star Trek tv series in US. Back in 1966 it was rated as the most favorite tv series and always praised for its futuristic props. Mobile phone was one of that amazing futuristic props that is now a reality.


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2. Intelligent Assistant: Well, you might be confused about this point. But if you want to know what is actually “Intelligent assistant” then only one word could describe it. i-Phone’s “Siri”. The personal assistant of your i-Phone that apple launched first back in 2011. Now almost every smartphone has their own version or siri. But this concept was first introduced to us by a classic film called 2001: A Space Odyssey.

This movie first introduced “HAL” a smart intelligence assistant who helps some space traveler. After almost 43 years old this this is available in everywhere.


3. Driver less car/Self driving car: In early 80s and 90s, Hollywood started to introduce this amazing idea of driver less car. A car that can drive all by itself. Specially in Total recall” by “Arnold Schwarzenegger”, this concept got the eye of the world. Now we have a real self driving car by Tesla.

Besides, companies like  Audi, BMW etc are also having their version own self driving car. Even though it is in first stage, now this thing is also a reality.


4. Virtual Reality: VR or virtual relity is the latest thing that has been able to create buzz among all. One of the biggest Sci-fi franchise, “Back to the Future” first made it popular. In that movie VR was introduced as wearable computer. But now we know how easily and amazing VR could be.

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5. Internet: There should be no doubt the internet is like a blessing toward mankind. While we are using it everyday for the fastest connectivity and to share the information, we should know the amazing that internet was also predicted in the movies too. In early 60s to 70s many movies and tv series like star trek, strain, Dark star ect introduced this concept of connectivity with anyone anywhere at any given time. That is today’s internet. Wi-Fi is the

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