How Students Should Deal with School Stress

Being stressed is entirely inevitable to human nature. Children, teenagers, students, adults and all other individuals suffered different levels of stress and depression at some point in their lives. It is our personal concern to determine our coping techniques whenever we are faced with a dilemma or with stressful event. Some individuals even end their lives because they lack stress management and seem to have lost hope for the brighter future. Keep in mind that a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. There will always be a solution or alternative ways to any problems and to cope up with daily stress. For this list, these are the coping techniques on how to manage or handle school stress, especially for students. Through this awareness, it can help us go through with our school-related stress that will cater a better output in our school performance.

1. Always provide a personal time

Giving yourself a personal time is a must. It can be in a form of sleeping, relaxing or doing what you love. Giving yourself a time to relax from relentless daily activities is proven to reduce stress and makes you feel a lot better. So go on and have a personal time to divert your attention from all the school demands.

2. Have an interval breaks for studying periods

According to studies, having short breaks or intervals after a long period of time reading or studying would be a great help and advantage for any student. It will let you stay focus on the next topic helps you refreshed your mind. A continuous and serious cognitive usage could actually lead to mental burn out and your mental efficiency decreases. The only ways to effectively recover the same efficiency is by taking interval breaks while doing school works.

3. Make your assignments as early as possible

This bit of advice is for students who are constantly cramming and procrastinating for assignments. It is typical for most students to wait up until the deadline or due date before complying with the requirements. DON’T DO IT.  One of the reasons why most students suffered from stress is due to fact that they have a massive amount of assignments and requirements stacked up needed to comply before its due date. So for a productive output, it is much recommended to avoid cramming and to make your academic tasks as early as possible one step at a time.


4. Have a positive thinking

When you are preoccupied with stressful thinking about not having your project done on time, then you will most likely not gonna fulfil anything. Your mind is strong enough to be able to influence your emotional and physical functioning. So as recommended, always try to present a positive thinking and attitude towards all your academic-related tasks. Instead of thinking stressful thoughts and negative outcome, think of concrete ways to organize your work.

5. Make your goals more realistic

Most of us aim high and dream big. This is what we’d learned from school. To always strive to be the best and achieve success. However, having this mindset doesn’t always yield a positive effect. Most students tend to be distress and dismay because of these unrealistic goals that pressure them to pursue it. Instead of aiming big and beyond your capabilities, it’s better to dream something which is attainable. Always correlate your ambitions in life to your passion, skills, talents, capabilities and personal attributions. Sometimes it’s better to have small realistic goals than having a big but delusional ambition.

6. Talk to your counsellor


If you need an expert or professional advice to alleviate the stress you acquired from school, your school guidance counsellor is the appropriate source of good advice. The counsellor will provide you with the right guidance that may be able to give you in a new direction for stress-relieving opportunities. They can also help you direct your parents and teacher. Just build a solid and honest connection between you and your counsellor for transparency and for a better result.


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