Some distinctive and mouthwatering tribal food of Bangladesh

Foods are like the natures blessing upon the human kind. Apart from a regular necessity, we find food items that is more than a bare necessity rather an experience. Foods from different ares around the world has a common feature, that is they are unique in their own ways. That being said, in Bangladesh there are countless foods that are unique and sometimes bold with their unique signs. These foods are so distinctive and special with their own recipe that sometimes they represent an entire district to the entire world!

Let’s find out some of the most unique and distinctive food item from Bangladesh that depicts an entire region in front of our eyes-

1. Mezbaani Beef (Chittagong):

Admit it, even if you never had this heavenly soothing and delicious item in your life, you have heard about it at least once in your lifetime. Mezbaan or mezbaani is a traditional event from Chittagong district. And the mezbaan beef is the queen of this event. The epitome of food engineering. A blender of taste and tradition goes hands in hand with mezbaan beef. The color, the taste and the sheer amount of spice and gravy that some might find hot always compliment the beef.

All these things made mezbaan beef an special and crowd favorite item that none can resist. Not only it will fill up your tummy, but also fill up your soul with pure joy and delightness.  Best news is that, you won’t need to be in Chittagong to treat yourself this soothing food. Several restaurants in Dhaka has this special dish at their menu card. Want to find out about those restaurants? Follow this link:

2.  Choi Jhal (Khulna):

If you are considering having this particular item in you next meal then get yourself ready to be blown away with a flavor of awesomeness. Because choi jhal beef/mutton might be one of the best food you will ever put in your mouth.

The distinct and unmistakable flavor of choi, which is a natural herb found in Khulna or Jessore region is the main element or this food. The hat and spicy flavor of this herb and the huge piece of meat is the signature mark for this food item. Brunch, lunch or dinner, no matter what you are having with choi jhal, get ready to finish multiple rice plates. Like mezbaan beef, choi jhal restaurants are not that easy to find around Dhaka. But you might just find it in this link:

3. Akhni Biriyani (Sylhet/Chittagong):

Akni or or Yakhni biriyani is a less known but well received food in this catagory. Hailing from sylhet, Akhni biriyani is one of the most amazing variant of biriyani you can find in Bangladesh.

The color, taste and texture of this amazing food will make an explosion of flavor in your mouth at any given time. You can Search for the restaurants that Akhni Biriyani famous for this food right in this link:

4. Bakarkhani (Dhaka):

If you are looking for a light snack that has an amazing taste and rich history behing it, then bakarkhani might be the perfect thing for you. This is the food item that Mughals brought in Bangladesh.

After many centuries, this food item is still available all over Dhaka city. Usually eaten as a complementary item to go with tea, it is something that everyone loves. The crispy crunch and subtle sweet flovor is one of the key factor for this item. Besides, 99 percent of the time, the food will be made in front of you. So that you can experience the making while having it with a smoke filled cup of hot tea.

5. Roshmalai (Comilla):

Enough with main dish and snacks, let’s come to the desert universe of Bangladesh. Sweets or deserts are the sectors where many of the parts of the country really thrives. Roshmalai is one of those that stands out on it’s own.

There are hundreds to thousands of roshmalai store in Comilla alone. But very few can hold the real taste of this food. For that, the complex process of making the food is to blame. That is why Rodhmalai is one of the most natural and real food you can find in Bangladesh.

6. Kacha golla (Natore):

One of the most famous sweets item from Bangladesh that is renowned all over the country. It is so distinctive that, whenever you think about Kacha golla, the place of birth for this item comes to you mind automatically.

That is why it is more than a food but also a big part of regional identity in natore.

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