Quick Tips not to be Socially Awkward

Almost every day in our lives, we tend to meet new people from different social settings. It is true especially for young individuals and for adults whenever there is a need for interaction in a workplace or in school. As an individual, it is necessary for us to have a sense of belonging and relationship with other people, thus, communication is very essential in our lives. However, starting a conversation might be quite difficult for others. Also, not all of us are gifted with good speaking skills. For them, being in an awkward silence and dead air situations while conversing seems inevitable.

For anyone who faces the same struggle, these are quick tips to avoid being socially awkward.

  • Be Genuinely Interested towards the person


Showing genuine interest towards the person you’re conversing with doesn’t have to be in a romantic sense, but you can show them physically that you are interested in talking to them. Making an eye contact is a gesture of paying attention and making them feel that you’re responsive to what he or she might say. Also, don’t forget to smile once in a while. It actually gives them a positive feeling knowing that you’re actually happy being with them. Finally, when talking or listening to someone, avoid using cellpones or anything that might distract your attention from the other person. Always show them that you care for them and make them feel a genuine connection.  In this way, you can avoid being awkward and bored in the conversation you are in.

  • Ask Open-Ended Questions

When talking to someone, if possible, avoid asking yes or no questions or close-ended questions which require short and single-word answers. Instead, ask an open-ended question, questions designed to encourage a full, meaningful answer from your company’s own knowledge and/or feelings. It provides you with their perspective and views on different matters. It is very important to know not just the factual information about the person, but also the person’s opinions and principles about certain topics. You have to dig in into that person and show them that you’re present with them. That’s where the foundation of being genuinely interested subdues. Through this, you feel more connected towards the person and you can actually prevent awkward silence. Examples of open-ended questions include:

  1.  What could happen if….?
  2. Tell me about…?
  3.  I wonder…
  4.  What do you think about…?
  5. How did you…?
  6.  In what way…?

  • Open yourself towards the person



Be willing and open to share. This invites the reciprocation between you and the person you are talking with.  Do not always ask questions, you have to be willing to share about yourself as well. A good interaction requires reciprocity or exchange of ideas; you cannot expect someone to shares his or her thoughts at all times while you’re just bombing the person with questions. Same with talking; do not allow yourself to be the only one talking. Communication has to be “give and take”, “talk and listen”, “share and accept”. Also, for sharing, it is significant, to be honest as possible and to give them a good impression. You have to be transparent about your thoughts and intentions towards the person.


So again, these are just quick tips on how to avoid being awkward in social situations especially while communicating and meeting new people. Try these tips to start an interesting conversation!

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