7 Tips for an Unforgettable Graduation

Every dedicated student looks forward to their graduation day. Graduation is the time to recognize all of the efforts and struggles faced during a student’s academic career. Not only are the student’s efforts celebrated on this day, this is also a time to recognize their parent’s love and support, the teacher’s unending patience and tolerance, and their friend’s encouraging pieces of advice that helped them remain focused and motivated. In this blog, we have listed quick tips to help everyone prepare for an unforgettable graduation!

1. Prepare your things prior to the graduation day

For a big event like graduation, it is necessary for everyone to be prepared in all aspects: physical and emotional. Days before your graduation day, you can go to the salon, style your hair, polish your nails, buy a dress and do beauty essentials that boosts your self-confidence. To reduce stress on the day of graduation, prepare what you will wear, and all other necessities such as accessories. Early preparation also gives you the time if ever there are unexpected adjustments.

2. Bring a small bag for important belongings

This advice is practical. Graduation gowns don’t have side pockets! In most cases, graduates are not allowed to bring large bags to the graduation ceremony. Bring a small clutch, which doesn’t distract from your gown or outfit. Having a small bag will allow you to only bring essentials; such as a phone, mirror, money, makeup for touch-ups, and lipstick.

3. Grasp the moment

Grasp the moment. This may seem obvious, but it carries deep meaning. “Grasping the moment” means taking the time to really appreciate the moment; be thankful, humbled, and feel a genuine happiness. It is reflecting on all the efforts and struggles you have successfully overcome throughout the years. It is appreciating your parents, teachers, and friends who have endlessly supported you emotionally.  Graduation day is about moving forward, but is also essential to reflect on the past and prepare to face the real world.

4. Always smile and put up a positive mood to the environment

During the ceremony, smile and keep a positive attitude towards the environment and your fellow graduates. Graduates will often find themselves bored while waiting for the event to end. Instead of complaining or showing discontent, smile and radiate a positive energy to the environment. An act of positivity is contagious. If you find yourself next to someone that is complaining about the weather condition or the speaker’s stodgy tone, try to be a good example and show them that there is so much to be thankful for, rather than be grumpy and bitter.

5. Capture every moment

After the ceremony, don’t forget to grab the camera and capture pictures of the event! Take selfies, groupies with friends and family, or even just capture images of our surroundings. Years later, you’re going to appreciate looking back at the pictures you’ve captured.

6. Give letter or notes to your colleagues and teachers

Graduating takes you one step closer to achieving your goals. You worked hard to get to this point! However, your graduation would not be possible if it weren’t for your teachers and classmates who helped push and encourage you to grow; not just a student, but as a person. Show your appreciation for these important people in your life by sending letters or giving them notes. Express your gratitude and highlight their good attributes. This simple yet thoughtful gesture will make these special people feel happy and appreciated.

7. Spend time with your family

The last tip is to spend time with your family. After the ceremony, dedicate your time to them and savor this moment. This will give you time
to unwind and spend time with the ones you love.


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