New Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed!

Day by day, the world is evolving. Technology has become a very helpful aspect of most of our lives. Engineers and inventors are constantly striving to make our life simpler.  Take a look at this list of some of the newest technological advancements available today.


Touchscreen technology is coming more and more popular. Of course, there are already laptops available for purchase with a built-in touchscreen, but maybe you already own a non-touchscreen laptop which you don’t want to replace? This is where the new Airbar comes in!

This device can be attached to ANY laptop, (PC or Macbooks) and turn the screen into a touchscreen! Different sizes are available, adjusting to your laptop’s screen.

Because your current laptop is still working perfectly, it would be a waste to purchase a new one just because of the touchscreen feature. Just get an Airbar to fit your screen and touch away!

Biki Underwater Drone

You’ve probably already seen drones flying everywhere. But have you heard of the new underwater drone? The most powerful, ecological and portable wireless underwater drone, a.k.a the Biki Underwater Drone, is the world’s first and only underwater robot drone! It has a 4k camera, giving you only the best captured underwater moments.

You can control the BIKI drone effortlessly and wirelessly, making it move around in any direction without any annoying wires. Just download the BIKI app onto any smartphone, and you have full control of your robotic pet. Time to make awesome memories underwater!

Kuri Robot Nanny

Another cute robotic invention, the Kuri Robot Nanny. A mobile robot that has a built-in HD camera, which lets you check on your house or pets while you’re away! There are 4 microphones, dual speakers, and it has wi-fi and Bluetooth. These characteristics give Kuri the capability to play music, podcasts, even read stories. You can control the Kuri via your iOS or Android device with the mobile app.

The Kuri Robot Nanny has expressive eyes, multi-color chest lights and other means of expressing “emotions”. How cute! It truly is an extraordinary robotic nanny.

 Razer Project Valerie

Here you are, just going through your normal life, working on a laptop with only one screen. Project Valerie, by Razor, is about to change the game with…Three screens! This is a heavy duty gaming laptop!

Razor took 2 huge steps forward by not just doubling the laptop screen, but tripling it! This laptop allows you to enjoy an immersive gaming experience, wherever you go. This laptop is perfect for both work and play, and is powered by the best and latest software from NVIDIA.

Polaroid Pop

Another new touchscreen technology, the Polaroid Pop! It’s the perfect nostalgic-photo-printing and on-the-go polaroid camera, but with touchscreen! This gadget lets you view your captured image, edit and enhance it, add creative filters, and even be able to write or draw at the bottom space of the photo, before printing it instantly.

With the use of Bluetooth or Wi-fi, you can also instantly save the photo in your smartphone! How cool is that?

XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini 3D Printer

With the XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini 3D Printer, you can print tangible items! How fun would it be to print out your own collectibles, toys, and other nik-naks? The Da Vinci Mini creates 3D objects by melting hot plastic, and layering it carefully until it takes form of anything you have created.

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