How to Make First Dates Memorable

It’s the 21st century, both the guy and the girl can ask one another for a date. Maybe not all, but some do believe that it’s way okay for a woman to ask a guy out. I’m all in for that! But, let’s get to the real issue. Let’s face it, the first ideas that will come to your mind when it comes to planning your first date is, (1) watching a movie, (2) having dinner, (3) or it could be even both. Right? Pfft.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that watching a movie and eating out is a bad idea, I’m trying to say that there are a lot of things you can do with your date on the first night the you’ll both spend together.

Dates don’t have to be expensive for it to be fun and memorable. Here are a few suggestion and ideas that will surely bring out the fun for both you and your date:

1.Walk & Talk

Go to a park or stroll around the city, it’s nice to just talk about random things. This will make both of you easily get to know each other. If, for a moment, you run out of something to talk to, you can start bringing up the conversation again by talking about what’s in front of you. Then you can go someplace to listen to music. Sit down at the park where someone is singing or anywhere. You can learn even more about each other from what kind of music they are into.

2.Learn and Get Moving

Going on dates with some physical activities can get your endorphins to make both of you have fun and happy. You can go bowling, taking cooking classes, hiking, rock climbing, etc. Doing these physical activities can make you look like you really are someone fun to be around with. You will surely have a lot of laughs and have a good time.

3.Visit Places You Both Have Never Been Before

Or you can still visit a place where one of you has already been there, and the other has not. It doesn’t really matter that much as long as it’s a great place to have conversations. Consider going to the zoo, an ocean park, or to a museum. You can start taking a few pictures together and be able to have intellectual conversations.

4.Go to the Amusement Park

There are a various activities and thrilling rides you both can enjoy. Riding the roller-coaster, for example. You can also have different variety of food to eat. You don’t have to worry about having a boring date!

5.Watch Comedy Shows

Everyone loves to laugh, and loves someone who can make them laugh. If you think you are not the funniest person out there, you can still make your date laugh by having someone else make the jokes. There are lots of comedy bars in the city, with professional and talented comedians who will never fail to make you laugh. This will ensure that you both had a really fun night, that neither of you can ever forget.

You’ll never know, but this might even be the first date from the rest of your life! So, you want to make it the one of the most memorable moments of your lives.


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