Job Interview Techniques for Teenagers

Working experience for teenagers has a lot of benefits. At an early age, it provides them with learning responsibilities, self-discipline, acquired skills and professionalism. But before landing on your desired work, every applicant is required for a phase of job interview. Although this process is quite challenging and shaky especially for those who haven’t tried it before, a job interview is an important indicator to determine whether you got the job or not. This blog contains job interview tips or techniques that will help teenagers nail and overcome this nervous causing interview.



1. Arrive early for your scheduled interview

When applying for a job and setting a schedule for a job interview, punctuality should be given a serious importance. This indicates that you are physically ready and you value the time given for this opportunity. Also, it determines your self-discipline and time management as you get prepared prior to the scheduled time. Arriving late is a major turn off for any employees.


2. First impressions last.

Always present yourself in a decent and appealing manner. Job interview might be your opportunity to get a job so try your best to impress them. Your type clothing really matters on job interviews. It is one way to show your employer how serious you are in applying for the job. Also, wear only light make up. You are not going to a party or a birthday celebration. You are for a job interview so dress properly and tone it with your make up. For appropriate outfits for job interview, refer here

3. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake

When the interviewer welcomes you, greet him/her with a firm handshake and look them in the eye with a warm smile. This gesture represents respect and inferiority over your interviewer. Take note of their name as well and always address them as Ms. and Mr. for courtesy. Be careful about what to say or whatnot. This is not a casual conversation with a friend or family member. Show some respect and be courteous whenever you are asked to answer a question.


4.  Always show positivity and enthusiasm while conversing 

Normally for employers, they want an energetic and enthusiastic teen workers which add up to the positive mood of the working place. It is commonly required for workers to have a passionate and sociable type of personality. Nobody wants to hire someone who are dull and impotent to work. So as much as possible, display some positivity towards your interviewer as early as in your job interview.


5. Turn your cellphones into silent mode

Job interview is an active conversation between you and your interviewer. Thus, it is recommended to turn your cellphones into silent modes to avoid distraction and disturbance from your serious one on one talk. For instance, try your very best to resist any sort of temptation that involves your cellphones. Once the interview starts, avoid taking pictures, posting something on social media or playing games. Nowadays, employers are so particular with regards to their teen employees losing productivity because of the advent use of social media and their constant use of the internet.


6.  Know your strengths and weakness

Prior to your scheduled interview, it is important to identify your own strengths and weakness. As teenagers, we are fast learners yet susceptible to some challenges.Keep in mind that in EVERY job interview, your strengths and weakness will be asked. Through this question, the interviewer can grasp a little summary of your capabilities and possible lapses. Try to share your utmost knowledge about yourself as honest as possible and to share any personal skills that will help your company. Lying to your interviewer for the sake of “being great than anyone else” can cause problems in later work. Being honest with yourself so is beneficial for both the company and for yourself.

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7. Prepare a few questions after the interview

At the end of the interview, make sure to have prepared few questions related to the job. Ask something about the salary, training, supervision and anything about the company you’re applying. By doing this, it demonstrates that you’re interested in the job and you give importance to the awareness of the company’s background.




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