How to Impress a Guy in 5 Simple Ways

How can a girl impress a girl? This question is commonly asked by girls who wanted to impress a guy of their interest. It is typical for a young individual or even adults to admire someone. It’s part of life’s manoeuvre. Making a good impression on someone we admire is a natural case. We normally want to present ourselves as someone acceptable and attractive. We want to pertain ourselves in a favourable manner.

Traditionally, a guy always has to make the first move. But as the modern era elapse, impressing someone can be two-way around. Girls can sway boys as boys can impress a girl. As a girl, there are various ways on how to capture the attention of the guy you’re interested in. Then once the guy noticed you, what can you do to make him interested in you? Impressing a guy can be acquired in different angles and approaches. A single method may not be sufficient to achieve your goal or uphold it. If you are really determined to get impress a guy effectively and in a long-term, following these simple steps is a good start.




  • Show some confidence

The first and most important impression you need to show off to the guy is confidence. If possible, try your best not to look or act awkward. For first-timers, you can usually feel agitated and nervousness. Sometimes, you have to fake it til’ you make it. It’s not necessarily you should fake your personality and pretend to be someone else. It only means that at some point in our lives, we have to go outside our comfort zones and make an effort to overcome our fears and anxiety. Wear nice and presentable clothes, put on some light makeup, keep your hair arranged, and spray appropriate perfume to have a distinctive scent. Most cases, people pay attention first to physical attributions. Therefore, it is very important to physically prepare yourself and apply any important beauty essentials to impress your guy. First impression lasts, might as well give emphasis to it.


  • Keep a smile on your face

When impressing a guy, don’t forget to wear your beautiful and genuine smile. Smiling is a gesture of being happy and showing interest towards the person you’re being with. More often, guys are impressed by girls who laughs and smiles a lot. It only shows that you enjoy the company of that person. Keep in mind that smile is something contagious. You surely want to see your guy smile as well. Also, don’t forget to crack some joke or laugh whenever he cracks jokes as well. Most guys find sense of humour attractive. So tip may be practically suitable and helpful for you.


  • Never boast about your achievements and good qualities

Showcasing our personal accomplishments can be sometimes tempting. We wanted to expose our good qualities and presume our positive attributions. However, doing so might bear unwanted result. Instead of the guy admiring you or praising you, a tendency is that he might find you being pretentious and egocentric. Bragging about your personal attainments are not something to be recommended during first time interactions. To adequately impress a guy, it is better to show humility and modesty towards him. Let him discover your positive qualities instead of disclosing it to them.


  • Look for your common ground

To keep your conversations going, it’s a great advantage know your commonalities and interests. It’s not always necessary to have a lot of similarities, but rather, it is important to discuss serious matters and personal preferences. Whenever you have a common ground, grab the chance and have a further discourse about it. For example, if you both are into sports (almost all guys are interested in sports), then go ahead and provide topics related to sports. Exchange ideas about your favorite basketball player or share opinions about the latest soccer event. Either way, it is essential to keep the connection between you two going and to possibly avoid any awkward silence.


  • Stay lowkey about your feelings and intention

For the last advise, do not let the guy know about your intentions. Never let the guy know that you have already fallen for him and you wanted to give him a great impression. Giving the guy obvious clues might be a disadvantage on your part. The guy you are impressing with may probably take advantage of you knowing how you want to please him. Instead, converse with him in a friendly manner just like any other. This stage will be helpful for you really determine whether the guy is worth your time and effort of impressing him. At the course of your interaction when you find discomfort, you can still change your mind and back off.



These are the 5 simple and convenient ways to impress a guy. Do you agree with our lists? Do you find it helpful? Comment your thoughts below.



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