How to Get Over a Break Up

Breaking up is usually hard for any couple who are once deeply in love. It is like losing someone you thought you could spend a lifetime with. At some point in your relationship status, you had visions and plans for your future. And witnessing it collapse and shatter into nothing is emotionally painful.

However, keep in mind that God allowed us to experience a failed relationship for the lessons it brings us. You may lose that person permanently but always bring the lessons you have learned from your past mistakes to correct them and have a better relationship in the near future. Easily said than done, these are the following tips and ways on how to effectively get over someone and move on to be a better and matured person.

1. Avoid stalking your ex

The use of social media is very rampant nowadays. And in most cases, it is often used as a platform to stalk almost anyone, including your ex. If you really want to get over and move on, then avoid stalking him/her for your own good. This is to avoid the tendency of missing your ex that might trigger all the painful emotion you had garnered during the breakup. Also, it is an effective step in order to gradually forget about that person.


2. Keep yourself busy

Thinking too much can cause a lot of time. When you’re recently on a breakup and wants to get over that person, you have to keep yourself busy. Do exercises, have daily routines, walk your dog, see your friends or do something productive. Through these, you could divert your stress and problems into something beneficial. So why waste time? When you can do something to alter the pain.

3. Dispose of the things that constantly reminds you of your ex

While being together, you always have something that is given to by your ex. It can be photos, flowers, stuff toys, dress or any sort of things that can bring back the memories of your bond together as a couple. Having these things in your room or in your sight can constantly remind you of him/her, making it all hard to move on. Thus, when you’re in “get-over process” it is important to keep the things that make such reminders out of your sight and fill it with something new.

4. Allow yourself to hang out with new people

Sometimes, breakups can lead to self-pity and low self-esteem. You constantly think how inadequate you are as a person. Get rid of that mindset. You are far better than what you think. You deserve to be loved and to be happy. Allow yourself to be surrounded by positive people and don’t hesitate to hang out with new people with different perspective. You may lose a person, but always remember that for every door closed, another door opens. And for all we know, it could be someone better than the previous one.

5. Do not reconnect with your ex/s

It is a common mistake for most people, to still get in touched with their exes. Once the person breaks up with you, then there’s no reason for you to stay in contact with that person. How can you suppose to get over and move on if you still exchange texts and chats? For a peace of mind, avoid contacting your exes anymore and learn to continue with your life without their interruptions. Breakups are painful but don’t add it up by reconnecting with your ex. Move on from that person already.

6. Have some quality time with your family and friends

This is one of the most effective ways to get over from a breakup. Always have a quality time with your family and close friends. Their role is to give you helpful advice and to provide you with the comfort you deserve. You may had suffered from a painful breakup but keep in mind that your loved ones (family and friends) will always be there to support and give you the feel of ease.

7. Change yourself for the better

Do not keep yourself trapped in your bad memories and hinders you from moving forward. This is actually the best time to contemplate about ourselves and our lives. Instead of being emotional all the time, it is better to use this chance as an opportunity to be someone better. To change yourself for the better from all the mistakes and failures that the breakup teaches you.

8. Focus more on your career

Another way to divert your attention from the emotional pain the breakup causes you is to stay focused on your work or career. It is also the best time for self-improvement. Not only you can forget the person but your day will also be productive! Sounds like hitting two birds with one stone.

9. Avoid seeking revenge

Most people seek revenge on their exes with irrational reasons to satisfy their aggressive impulses. Don’t be that kind of person. Instead of seeking revenge, why not to be self-focused? Why waste time on someone who had done you wrong? This act is actually childish and it’s not recommended for matured people. If you really want to get over someone and to completely move on, then seeking revenge against that person won’t help a thing. It will just make things worse.


10. Don’t rush for a new partner

Most people find it necessary to immediately look for someone as a replacement for their previous boyfriend/girlfriend. Well, this idea is really pathetic and selfish. People do this to help them forget about their ex. And for this reason, it is unfair to the other person. When you’re recently on a breakup, focus more on getting over to that person without using anyone else as means of your own personal agenda. This is a common mistake for a self-centred person. If you really want to move on, never ever use someone as if they don’t have feelings. Have some personal time first, in which you can reflect and have self-growth before engaging in a new and healthier relationship.




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