Gently Calm Your Baby from Crying in Just 5 Effective Ways

Babies cry all the time. In fact, we all know that from the very instant they are brought into the world, the first thing they do is cry. But hearing your baby cry is not at all times annoying.

For the new moms and dads, new big brothers and sisters, babysitters, or whoever is not yet familiar on how to take care of babies, here are ways on how to gently calm them down and enjoy a stress-free and noise-free babysitting-setting.

Before anything else, you need to understand why do babies cry.

Most pediatricians believe that newborns cry because they are still adjusting to all the noise, lights, and everything else that they encounter while being outside their mother’s womb. The feeling of hunger is also one of the reasons why they cry, it’s because the feeling is still new, and it freaks them out.

These are some of the main reasons why babies cry:

  • Again, because they are hungry
  • Sleepy
  • Doesn’t Feel Well (Teething. Tummy Ache, Fever, etc.)
  • Need a Diaper Change
  • Feeling Too Hot or Too Cold
  • Demands Infinite Hugs and Kisses

5 Effective Ways to Gently Calm Your Baby from Crying

1. Swaddling

Especially for newborn babies, sometimes, all they need is a comfortable swaddle. This is because they might be missing and needing the snug and warm feeling they had experienced while in their mother’s womb. Swaddling is an art. It is way of comfortably and safely wrapping your baby with a blanket for them to feel warmth.

Professionals recommend to stop swaddling when your baby is awake and has already reached about a month old. Swaddling can interfere with the baby’s development, but you can still allow swaddling when it’s time for sleeping. When they reach 2 months, swaddling must be stopped completely because sooner or later they will already start to learn how to roll over.

Remember: Be careful and avoid wrapping the baby’s legs extremely tight because babies are still very soft and delicate. If done improperly, it may damage the cartilage of their hip sockets and it may loosen the joints of their legs.

2. Swaying and Singing

Babies are used to being in constant motion while they were in their mother’s womb. If they start crying, holding your baby in your arms, and when you start to sway and swing, it will surely comfort your baby. It does not matter if you are not born the best singer because your baby won’t care. As long as they can hear your voice, to them, you are a singing superstar!

If you get tired of carrying your baby, and believe me you eventually will, you can also put them down in an actual swing for babies. Just rock it softly and start singing. They will calm down and better yet, they might fall asleep! If you don’t really feel like singing, talking to the baby in a soft voice or playing some calm music is just as fine.

Taking your baby for a car ride is also another great idea. A quick one would definitely calm your baby down because the moving car gives a very similar feeling on how the baby was while in their mother’s womb. Just make sure to strap the baby with its proper seatbelt or have someone else carry the baby while you are driving.

Remember: Make sure that you NEVER “shake” your baby, or anyone’s baby. The effects of doing so will result in very serious effects like causing damage to the baby’s brain and may trigger permanent injuries and even worse, death.

3. Shushing Gently

Contrary to what most of us believe in, babies don’t really need complete and utter silence in order for them to get a goodnight’s sleep. While they were in their mother’s womb, they are always surrounded by the sound of the blood flowing which is actually louder than a vacuum cleaner! But once the babies are out of the womb, not all loud noise they hear will be soothing because they lack the sound quality which only in the womb produces. The best way to imitate it is the sound of a gentle shush which will give a similar feeling of still being in their mother’s womb. Now, hold your baby, shush in his ear gently and it will calm him down and will certainly stop him from crying.

4. Sucking

Babies love to suckle because it makes them feel the comfort of their moms. So, if your baby is crying, try to let your baby suckle for comfort, if you are breastfeeding, on your breast, or get him a pacifier, or a clean finger or your knuckles will do just fine. if there is no pacifier available.

5. Distract the Baby


Another thing you can do when your baby is crying, you can distract him by introducing him to new things like toys. Showing them such will make them forget they were even crying  because they have gotten too busy being mesmerized by the new object and they just want to play with it.

In Summary, all you have to do with a crying baby is by:

  • Swaddling
  • Swaying and Singing
  • Shushing Gently
  • Sucking
  • Distract the Baby

The key is to always be patient and remember that you are handling a baby who do not even know what it is doing and cannot obviously control their feelings. So, stay calm and don’t get frustrated because if you do, the baby will pick up on you bad energy and might also have a hard time calming himself as well.

Crying is the fundamental of every baby’s life but don’t worry because all the crying will eventually subside until it stops as the baby grows older.

There you have it! Of course, you can’t really prevent any baby from crying, but with these effective ways, you can stop them from continuing to cry and you can continue to do your important work or also get yourself some rest.

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