First Date Tips for Men

There are a lot of things you could of think of before, during, and also after the date. Everything is possible during dating. You get to decide which chances or opportunities to grab without making the opposite sex get freaked out. Men always do the first move but we men do really appreciate it a lot when the woman does it first. It boosts our confidence and makes us think they are attracted to us. But there are a lot of guys who just don’t have the confidence to talk straight up to the girl they really like. Well, here are tips for men to have the best first dates and trust me this undoubtedly works.


  1. First impression lasts

Be as presentable as possible. Girls do love neat and clean guys so make an effort in grooming yourself. Take a shower, shave, put on some hairdo, wear nice clothes, put on perfume, and be yourself. With that, you’ll get an A+ with your date and make her star struck with you.


  1. Don’t be late

Never make a girl wait for you. Punctuality is a must when dating. If you get first, then wait for her even if she gets 1 hour late. Patience is a virtue, and don’t worry waiting for her is really worth it because she’ll show up as the most beautiful girl you have ever seen.


  1. Be confident

Women are mostly attracted to confident guys. If you are a bit of a shy type, then try practicing beforehand by talking to strangers. This will help you boost your confidence and make you as comfy as you are while dating. Although we can’t really avoid shaky knees or shaky hands while approaching your date, try your best not to make her notice it.


  1. Be witty and have sense of humor

All women don’t like a boring date and you also do. With that, make her laugh or smile at least. I swear, her laugh and smile will make you fall for her 100 times more. Have a conversation that make you guys comfortable with each other. She will really have fun talking to you and would like to talk to you more often.


  1. Avoid using your phone

We are already living in 2017 and smartphones are already rampant right now. But these things will just be a distraction with your date. Make her feel that you are focused and very interested in her. Yet, these things are still useful because you would never want to let the chance slip of having a picture of both of you.



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