Fashion invention that changed the world forever

Fashion, just saying this word will make an instant portrayal of something or someone very stylish and trendy. At least that is what we the general humans like to think. Having a trendy or a unique fashion sense is something many of us strive for but only a few got.  That is where the fashion designers or the inventors come forward. To give us a taste of uniqueness where the least fashionable guy can choose his style from the options tailored by the designers or inventors. That is why  fashion innovators or designers all around the world are breaking their back to make us feel special.

Funny thing is that many of the times these inventions comes from the weirdest places or thoughts. Many fashion inventions have impacted our life so much that not only they bring a new item to the fashion industry but also change the world for eternity.  Here are some of the major fashion inventions that brought unthinkable changes in our life.

1. Jeans Pants/Denim Jeans: If you are a guy, close your eyes. Yes, this is not a drill. Close your eyes and think of your wardrobe without any any Denim or Jeans. A complete nightmare! Right? Well, Before 1950, most of the regular or elite class people didn’t take jeans as a regular fashion ware. Basically, denim or jeans fabrics were used by miners or cowboys because it was tough, easy to clean and obviously could withstand any terrain at anywhere. Patented by  Jacob W. Davis & Levi Strauss it was developed to be a necessary products for working class. But who knew back then, Jeans would be an integral fashion ware in the coming days. In current world more than half of the population in the world at least own a pair of denim or used once in their life time!


2. Sunglasses: Even if you do not care that much abut fashion, you have to admit  owning at least a pair of sunglasses now or before you got it lost or broken. Sunglasses are not only a fashion statement now a days. It is more than of a necessity than a mare fashion utility. But at the beginning, it was the complete opposite. In the 1920s, sunglasses were used by movie actors as a stylish fashion tool. Until WWII, it was renowned just for a fashion product. Then came the company that changed the world forever. Ray-ban, the american brand started to produce the legendary sun-glass model The “Aviator” for the pilots to save their eyes from the solar glare when they fly fighter jets on a high altitude. The rest is history. Now owning a pair of sunglasses is very common any part of the world.


3. Snicker: When it comes to snickers, anyone has to thank the US basketball legend Michel Jordan for its popularity and widespread use. In the 80s with a collaboration of this legend, Nike launched the “Air Jordan”. To promote the product by himself, Michel Jordan used to ware these designs in every game despite the fact that he had to go through a fine of USD 5000 per match! This amazing incident made “Air Jordan” an over night success. Within very short time from becoming a simple basketball shoe, “Air Jordan” became a product of pride and luxary. The craze for different branded snickers started there. Following that trial, now a days we see many celebrities got their own snicker line ups ranging from couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars. Yes, it is crazy what you can achieve by breaking the law sometimes!


4. Leather Jacket: Leather was always used as cloth from the beginning of the mankind. But during 1900 leather ware was used by mostly people who could’t afford fabric ware produced in modern factories. People used to make jackets out of wool or high end fabrics which was also used a symbol of status. But an unthinkable turn of event changed that all. During the first world war, to keep pilots warm and dry military issued lather jacket was used for the both parties. After the war Hollywood embraced lather lather jacket as a fashion utility. That was the beginning. Now owning a leather jacket makes anyone a trendy and fashion conscious person to anyone.


5. Zipper: Like sunglasses and leather jacket, zippers were also developed to help military personals to get battle ready within the shortest possible time.  Zippers were used in military boot to zip up instead of traditional laces. It was also used in ammo packs and bags to keep the supplies safe and perfect for the soldiers. After the war, it took fashion industries more than 20 years to adopt it for fashion ware. Now not only zipper is considered as an important fashion element but also one of the biggest invention of mankind! How important? well, think of a world without zipper. Chaotic, right?


6. Bra: If you are a guy, you will never understand the importance of value of this particular fashion invention. Invention of bra or brasier is one of the first event that worked behind women’s empowerment during early 1900s. Before that women had to go through rigorous steps like strapping bandage around their breasts or other unsuitable methods,  which were very uncomfortable and painful at the times. But all changed in 1920s when women started to adapt bra for eventually. Later Hollywood played a major role behind it. Now it is a common wardrobe utility for every woman around the world.


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