Controversial Win by Gerard Deulofeu? Barcelona – 2, Malaga – 0

Gerard Deulofeu is a 23 year-old athlete, had a permanent deal from Everton, and who plays together with the famous Messi. He scored a goal, which, they say, should not have been counted. Because of this controversial goal, Gerard was able to let Barcelona keep its lead being four points to zero at the top of La Liga. A 2-0 win over Malaga.

Deulofeu greatly believed that there should no longer be any fighting or heated argument whether or not the goal was valid because even for him, he felt that he did not violate anything and that he acted within his rights to have kicked that ball right into the net.

Gerard Deulofeu said that he saw no problem and that his controversial goal was legal, even though he himself has not even seen any replay of his act. Because of his belief, he still continued to play without any problem.

Pablo Gonzalez Fuertes, the referee, was not even convinced when the angry players from Malaga had protested about it. The referee then continued doing his job and ran back to the field.

Like the other players protesting, Luis Hernandez, one of the Malaga, was still for certain that grave injustice occurred.

He said that the ball was half a meter exceeding the line and that the end he is not going to blame the referees or anyone for the place they achieved during the league. It is hurting them though, and that the decision truly made them suffer.

Check out this clip, see for yourself, and tell us what you think!


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