Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Remember how, as kids, we were always running outside and getting bruises all over? Those were the days – when we did not have technological gadgets – so we did whatever we could to have fun and avoid boredom. Today, not all kids have that same experience. The presence of television, iPads, game consoles, and the internet hinders the urge to play outdoors. Kids tend to be drawn to these screens, and are getting less time outdoors.

For parents hoping to limit their kid’s “screen time” and encourage outdoor or team activities, here are some fun things you can enjoy with your children:

  1. Promote Healthy Competition with Outdoor Sports & Games

There are lots of outdoor games that you can play with your kids. Some team activities include badminton, frisbee, Capture the Flag, and volleyball. With these team activities, you can set an example to your children on how to react when they win (or lose), helping them understand what a healthy competition is all about! Help them be team players and teach them that losing is okay. What matters most is that they have fun!

  1. Get Some Fresh Air

It’s one thing to play in your backyard; it’s another when you actually go camping or exploring in the great outdoors and experience nature! Taking your family out for a weekend camping trip, and sitting around the campfire (while making delicious s’mores and sharing stories) is a wonderful bonding experience. This will really improve your relationship altogether as a family, making you closer than ever!

  1. Teach them How to Cook

Cooking with your children can help encourage creativity! Be it ice cream, cookies, cake, barbecue, burgers, or whatever your favorite dish may be; inviting your child to help in the preparation and letting them decide what kind of frosting or sauce they want to concoct is an excellent way to bond!

  1. Make Something Grow

Teach children what it’s like to take care of things, and push them to be responsible by introducing them to gardening! You can plant flowers, trees, or vegetables. This activity allows children to feel a deep sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that what he or she planted will soon turn into something beautiful!

  1. Learn Something New

Maybe your child wants to be a rockstar when they grow up? Why not nurture this desire by introducing them to a new instrument? If you have a musical background, you may even be able to teach them how to play! Another option woul be taking lessons with your child and learning together. This is another great bonding activity. If not the guitar, you can encourage your child to try out the violin, the piano, or any instrument that might interest both you and your kid. Maybe you will find that you aren’t musically inclined… there are other things you and your child can learn together! You could take language lessons, painting classes, or anything else you and your child both express interest in.

  1. Go Around the City and Look for Other Fun Things to Do

What fun activities does your hometown have to offer? You can go watch a movie, go out bowling, go to a museum, the zoo, or even watch a concert of your favorite band together!

The activities you can do together with your children are endless. Spend your free time with them and they will really appreciate it.


P.S. All these activities, and more, not only benefit your overall family relationship; but also improve your children’s health! According to studies, these are some health benefits your children can experience from spendin this time away from the Ipad or television screen:

  • Prevent eyesight damage. Researchers found that chances of being affected by nearsightedness (or myopia) decreases every time your children spend time outdoors.
  • Make them be friendlier. It can improve their social skills and have them make friends faster and allow them to improve their manners and behavior.
  • Reduce stress. Yes, even children at a young age can get stress. Playing outside or being outdoors while interacting with other children is said to “relaxing and healing” for them.
  • The appropriate intake of Vitamin D. (Sunlight!) is essential for kids’ development.

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