9 Ways to Prevent Yourself from Getting Sick

It seems like there will always be that annoying time of each year that you experience a really bad cold. It’s when you can’t breathe right through your nose due to being congested, you experience a bad headache, and maybe you have soar throat. There may be a few things you already know about what you should do to avoid getting sick. Washing your hands with soap & water, drink a ton of water each day too keep you hydrated, get seven to eight hours of sleep are the most common ones. But what you do not know is that there are other things you have to take into consideration if you really want to boost your immune system. Having a boosted and strong immune system is the key to avoid getting sick. So, how do you do that?

Here is a list of the things which you do not now about when it comes to preventing getting a flu.

1. Get Yourself Vaccinated

Vaccination is an effective way to protect your body against diseases, and helps you prevent from spreading them to other people. This is because it makes your entire system become immune somehow. Although, it does not really give you full immunity to other major diseases, but it is one way to help prevent you from having a really bad cold. One downside of getting vaccinated is that you have to be injected, which, for some, is terrifying and painful. But don’t worry, doctors and nurses will try to make sure that you won’t even know that you have been injected.

2. Wash (or disinfect) Everything that You Touch

Bacteria are found everywhere, even in the places you don’t expect to be. Bacteria usually enjoy staying in places that are warm & moist. But they really are just spreading everywhere. Have you even tried cleaning your smartphone? Do you know that germs are living on your phone right now? And you keep on rubbing it in your face. Ew. Instead of washing it with soap and water, because obviously that method would kill also your phone, wipe the germs off with disinfecting wipes weekly. Or daily, which is better.

Not only for your phone, but think about cleaning everything else that you use daily, every week. Your washing machine, the remote control, doorknobs, optical mouse & keyboard, your children’s toys, etc. Just search on the internet the safe and effective ways to clean a certain item.

By doing this, you can stop the spread of those germs and the chances of you getting a flu or a cold will most likely decrease.

3. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol All the Time

If you regularly finish an entire bottle of wine every single day, stop. That does not mean you have to stop drinking entirely, just think twice before you down the whole bottle. According to alcohol-related scientific studies, having an excessive amount of alcohol in your body can affect your immune system from functioning properly. Alcohol reduces its ability to kill the bad bacteria already in your body. If your immune system is weak, you will be fore vulnerable to getting colds, flu and even other diseases. Now, you wouldn’t want that, so think about the amount of alcohol you consume every day.

4. Avoid Eating Too Much Sweets

Try eating less sweets, resist that can of soda, don’t finish that entire layer of cake, and so on. Or maybe even block it out completely from your diet. Sweets, or sugar, is just like taking in too much alcohol. Sugar prevents the white blood cells in your body from killing bacteria and viruses, which will result to a weaker immune system and making you more prone to flu or cold.

5. Trust Your Gut

The majority of your immune system is just located in your gut. It is a barrier that is partly covered by the healthy bacteria in your body. The healthy bacteria help prevent the infections from spreading in your body. eating probiotic foods or raking in probiotic supplements can prevent your body from acquiring diseases involving your respiratory system – commonly, the flu and common cold. Usually, when people are sick, they tend to carelessly eat a lot. So, if you are already sick, instead of eating junk food, try eating probiotic-rich foods to help you feel more better.

6. Stop Biting Your Nails

If you are one of those who just constantly bites off their nails, then you better stop that right now. Germs are constantly building up underneath your nails, and biting them is one way to surely let those bacteria get inside your body.

7. Exercise Wisely

After exercising nonstop, maybe from 30 minutes to an hour or even longer, your body will be in great distress for about seventy-two hours. And during this period, you are more prone to getting sick. Professional athlete doctors say, that after an intense workout, you should rest and let your body recover. Forcing your body to be stressed while already being burnt out and on its weak state, you will have a higher risk of getting respiratory infections. But, exercise is not entirely bad. An easy to moderate workout level, in fact, can boost and strengthen your immune system. Bottom line, don’t push yourself when your body is already weak.

8. Literally Avoid the Sickness

There will be times you will be seated right next to someone who is already sick, or who just sneezed. What you are going to do is to hold your breath. Well, you can’t really hold your breath the entire time they are around, you will end up killing yourself. You just have to avoid inhaling deeply and cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief. This way, you can prevent getting infected with their disease.

9. Get Some Fresh Air

It does not matter if its already winter season, go and get that fresh air. On reason people get sick, most especially when it’s freezing outside, is that the air inside the room is being shared with each other. Unlike being outdoors, there is more than enough air space for themselves to breathe in. it is also recommended that you invest in an air purifier for your home and maybe get those that remove bacteria in the air.






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