9 Ways College Students Can Manage Stress

College students are rushing to meet deadlines and are stressed-out thinking whether or not they can survive the semester. Too much stress can cause serious health problems, but stress can be managed and reduced. Here is how:

1.Have A Plan for the Day

College students can get into really stressful situations especially when they realize they have to procrastinate. Making a schedule or a to-do list can help students have a clear idea on what can be accomplished within the day, this method can already reduce stress levels since students no longer rely much on memory alone. Before sleeping, write down and make a list of all the things that need to be done the next day, and their corresponding time frame. From very important tasks to even the simplest ones.

2.Don’t Overdose on Coffee

Coffee is love. Especially for college students, coffee is their best friend. But, too much caffeine can cause problems like: insomnia, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, dehydration, and stomach issues and there’s probably more reasons out there why drinking too much coffee is bad for you. Experiencing all these issues are stressful and nobody wants to live life not being able to sleep well, having anxieties that aren’t supposed to be there and all. College students can still drink coffee, of course, it is quite essential especially when exams are coming along, but it is recommended to drink not more than four cups of coffee every day. Just stick to that, and everything will be fine.

3.Find A Hobby

Find a hobby! Doing something new or something you are passionate about can reduce stress. Take a breather from all the lectures and exams and participate in things like sports, yoga, dancing, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, etc. These are great ways for the mind to get a break from stress, tension, and anxiety. Add any activity in your everyday schedule that you enjoy even if it’s just for a couple of hours or so.

4.Have A Balanced Diet

Another way of managing stress is to manage what you consume. Over consumption of junk food can increase stress levels. Stick to eating healthy like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, or other types of food and beverages that can help lower stress levels. If you have to stress-eat, be sure to eat non-junk food so you won’t end up feeling very tired and stressed.

5.Squeeze in Some Time for A Little Exercise

Exercise is not only proven to give physical benefits, but it can help in the mental aspect as well. This means it is also a great way to reduce stress. Yes, when you are feeling stressed out and tired, exercise might be the last thing on your mind but just try and to squeeze in even as little as fifteen minutes a day. Any physical activity produces chemicals in the brain, endorphins. Exercise can definitely lighten and reduce stress-levels plus it’ll allow one to sleep better.

6.Don’t Use Alcohol as A Stress-Reliever

While it may be fun to drink beer to unwind because it will make you forget all your worries, but if you consume too much plus with any unresolved issues still around, it will be even more stressful the next day because now there’s less time to meet the deadlines and finish those projects. Too much can make you feel like crap and you wouldn’t want to do anything the next day. Before overindulging alcohol, make sure there’s no upcoming exams or deadlines that need full attention. Try the other stress-relieving ways instead.

7.Try Not to Overload Yourself with A Lot of Work

In college, it is inevitable to have lots and lots papers to write, projects to make, and deadlines to meet. Being enrolled in more subjects than what is prescribed can be too much, but it is also not prohibited. Whether it’s work or other club activities, when you feel overwhelmed with all the workload, it is okay to drop it.

8.Get Enough Sleep

While pulling up an all-nighter is what the usual lifestyle a college student has, this should not be done every night. Insufficient sleep can lead to some serious health problems. When students feel tired, they become more impatient, and it will be hard to concentrate when studying. It is better to sleep before midnight and wake up early in the morning than sleeping at dawn and waking up in midday which can make you feel really stressed-out when you wake up.

9.Talk to Friends and Family

Being away from home and being in another city for college can be had and lonely sometimes. It is not always easy to adjust to the environment and to the people around. It is also sometimes not easy to make friends especially if you’re the only new guy around, making it difficult to have someone to talk to. Remember, friends and family back at home are just one call away and whenever you need to vent or want some advice, just hit them up. They’ll be more than happy to help you, and plus they surely miss you. But try to get to know other people as well, you can’t hide in your dorm room forever. Surely, there are great people in your university who wants to be your friend too.











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