9 Unforgettable Birthday Ideas for Your Best Friend

Your best friend has always been there for you through everything, both the good and bad times, and will always have a special place in your heart.  But you realize, it’s your very best friend’s 18th birthday soon! And you know how much she loves surprises. You want your best friend to remember this once-in-a-lifetime event. If you also would love to give surprises as much as receiving them, but don’t know where to start, then check out this awesome list of unforgettable surprises and gift ideas. Whether you plan on giving a surprise to your guy or gal best friend, with these ideas, you can make any special occasion even more special!

1.Personalized Cake

Everyone loves cake! But this day is a really special occasion and you don’t want your best friend to receive some boring, same-old, plain cakes. Think about what or who is your best friend’s favorite cartoon character? Favorite sport? Color? Instrument? Whatever it is, there are a lot of professional pastry chefs out there who can handle it!

2.Plan a Trip to Where You Both Would Love to Go to

For sure you and your best friend have talked about travelling the world together, so, why not start your trip now? Start planning and make an itinerary so that everything will be all set! Next thing to do is to save up and purchase those plane tickets!

3.Party in a Box

Get all the things your best friend loves, from her favorite junk food, chocolates, keychains, or any multiple small gifts and fill up one cute box. Don’t forget to attach your birthday note!

4.Create a Scrapbook

Gather all your photos together and start getting creative! Even if you are not really the artsy type, just place photos in an album and add heartfelt messages, for sure your best friend will start smiling and crying at the same time, once she starts to go over those memorable moments which you both shall cherish forever.

5.Create a Video

If you’re familiar with video editing and all, why not surprise your best friend by using what you are good at? Start recording birthday wishes from other friends and family members, including yours, add also videos you’ve compiled since you started your awesome friendship, and put them all together. Even try to incorporate both of your favorite songs in the clip.

6.Send Letters

And I don’t mean emails. Write down all the things you want to tell your best friend, even though you’ve already said to her before. Tell her how much she means to you, and how you are grateful that she is part of your life. Believe me, this idea will surely make your best friend cry as well.

7.Use A Lot of Balloons

There are various ways where you can use balloons for any surprise. You can fill your best friend’s entire room with balloons while hanging photos or notes. This will make her smile for sure.

8.Cook Your Best Friend’s Favorite Meal

Whether it’s your first time to cook an actual meal or not, it would be awesome to know that someone tried to go through the hassle of cooking as a surprise. Cook your best friend’s favorite meal or bake her a fresh batch of cookies. Whichever you think she would love.

9.Plan a Birthday Party

Seek help from your best friend’s other friends, and family members and brainstorm together and start organizing the best party out there! When your friend comes home from school, make sure all lights are turned off and you are all in position to surprise & altogether, greet her a happy birthday.





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