9 Pregnancy Tips and Advice for First Timers

Congratulations! You are now going to be a super Mom! You’re probably having all these mixed feelings, but don’t worry! That’s completely what normal! You should be feeling both fear and excitement, that’s how every pregnant mom was feeling during their first time. Like other first timers, you are probably just all over the internet looking for all the help you can get. You have to keep in mind that every woman and their pregnancy experience is different, but there are still those common situations.

So, get ready because here are different recommendations for first time soon-to-be moms, like you, would might want to hear.

1. Stop Searching Like-Crazy on the Internet

Don’t be overwhelmed with every single, little change that you are seeing or feeling because there will be a lot and you won’t be able to look it all up on the internet. You’ll drive yourself crazy when you constantly go on google. Instead of going through the internet, why not seek and ask from a group of moms. You can also sign up on those weekly updates for pregnant moms. But be sure to satisfy yourself with the information you’ll be getting because it’s unhealthy to keep on obsessing with information. You got to learn and let nature take its course.

2. Don’t Believe in Every Superstition You Hear

You may have come across a weird superstition saying that your baby will get some kind of mental disease if you use a certain brand of detergent. Or maybe your baby would be exposed with radiation if you stand a few feet near an operating microwave. Or any random thing that will suggest it would kill your baby… Nonsense! These aren’t at all true. If you hear anything absurd or saying that are kind of impossible to even think about, do your research first. But, of course, it is always better to be safe. just don’t make everything a problem or you’ll be stressed out thinking about all these things. One thing you should believe in, is that being stressed out will not be good for you or your baby.

3. Nobody Can Really Smell You from Afar

Being pregnant can make you perspire excessively at times. You’ll be secreting sweat in places you did not even know was capable of giving off sweat. You might smell, but unless you are up close with someone, no one else can smell you. Just make sure you regularly wash yourself with soap, of course. When you do, you no longer have to constantly worry that much about offending other people’s nostrils.

4. Have Someone Already Told You that You Got that Pregnancy Glow?

Who knows where that saying had originated from, but one thing is for sure, you should wash your face immediately! When someone tells you that you have that pregnancy glow, it means you look greasy. Being pregnant can make your skin oily like a teenager. You’ll also be more prone to having breakouts. There is no way that being pregnant makes you look ugly! No way! You are one hot-mom! The thing is, there are just a few side effects of being pregnant. You might have pimples and all. So, you better think about having a skin care routine.

5. Avoid Eating Unhealthy, Especially Now You’re Pregnant

Some would make being pregnant an excuse to just constantly eat whatever junk food they see. It’s fun to eat but it’s not at all fun supersizing yourself. You will feel more uncomfortable and there is a possibility that your baby will come out unhealthy. I’m not saying you should go on a diet and starve yourself, no, not at all! You should definitely eat but eat what is right for you and your baby’s health! It does not matter if you lose weight or not, as long as you know that you are getting the nutrients your body needs.

6. You’ll Be Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Make that two maternity sets! It can be confusing to shop for maternity clothes, and really hard to make yourself look flattering while looking like you have a beach ball in your tummy. You’ll be growing constantly while you are pregnant. What you wear in your second trimester will not always fit you on your third trimester. Get a set of clothes that will fit you in the first half of your pregnancy period. Then get more when you outgrow them in the second half. You can always mix and match different clothes so that you will still be fashionable even while pregnancy!

7. It’s Okay to Have Sex

Well, it’s not okay when you are suffering some kind of medical condition. And it’s not okay most especially when your doctor specifically told you not to do so. You and your partner might believe that your baby might get affected mentally or get poked or something. You really are not.

I’m not also saying you should also have sex all the time because being pregnant is tiring. You might be suffering from morning sickness or having achy joints. You should also need to have some rest.

But if you are avoiding because you think you don’t look sexy, think again! Your lifetime partner would still see you sexy even though you don’t feel like it.

8. Start Doing Kegels!

In your research, you have probably come across on different pregnancy forums suggesting that you must do your Kegels. If you think you don’t have time, make time! Kegels are usually recommended to do after pregnancy. But it’s more important that you do it now while you are pregnant. Kegels are exercises that will help you with controlling your bladder, promote perineal healing, and so you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The best thing is that you can do it anytime, anywhere you like. and no body would even know you are doing them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

9. Control Your Emotions and Urges

You might want to resist those urges of wanting to punch all those know-it-alls who constantly gives you unwanted advice. Everyone always has something to say about everything, especially about pregnant women. You’ll be hearing a lot of advice or comments. Some would be offensive and annoying to hear. So, instead of punching them in the face, just bear it and politely respond. You don’t want to be charged for assault. Prison isn’t the best place to be especially for pregnant women like yourself.







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