9 Hobbies for Stay-At-Home Moms Can Enjoy Doing While Being at Home

No matter how busy you are and how important your job or whatever it is you are doing, it is essential that you take time to unwind and relax. Even just for a day, or just maybe for a few hours, free yourself from all the stress. Getting some time to relax can benefit your health, most especially your mental health.

Stay-at-home moms also need some time to rest. But, some moms worry too much and say that they have no time to rest because they are always the go-to person in the family, and what would happen if they were not around? Who would help my kid with this, and that? Most especially with moms having kids who still can’t look after themselves.

But, don’t worry because there are ways when you can relax while staying at home.

Here’s a list of the things or hobbies you can go into to relieve stress while being a stay-at-home mom:

1.Knittingstay-at-home-mom hobby

Knitting has always been one of the hobbies most people do when they are just at home, and some even bring it with them at work or anywhere and just knit away while they have idle time. There’s something about knitting, being repetitive thing, that it has this soothing effect that will make your mind at peace. This hobby is said to be even more beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and with chronic stress. What’s even more satisfying is that after you finish knitting, you are left with an awesome blanket! Or scarf. Or a hat. Or whatever it is you wanted to make. That’s the beauty of this hobby, you have control over what you want to make.


Painting is another relaxing hobby which you can do at home. You don’t have to be a master artist to enjoy painting and you can still make art! Just enjoy the process and you don’t have to really have to focus too much on the finished product. Another thing, this hobby can also be fun doing it together with your kids! You can paint together a family portrait. There a re a lot of painting materials to choose from. Looking for and choosing what to buy might be confusing but you can always just resort to buying whatever is available and cheap at the store.

3.Start Your Own Gardenstay-at-home-mom-hobby

Some people feel a lot better when they get their hands dirty in the ground, and most of all your going to feel even more better when you see that what you are planted has been slowly growing. You can start planting in your backyard, or maybe place pots on your porch and plant flowers. You can also plant something that you can actually make use of, like vegetables! Vegetables usually grow faster compared to other plants, and you can cook and enjoy the fruits of your labor, literally.

4.Learn More Recipesstay-at-home-mom-hobby

Obviously, as a mom, you already are the best cook. But, what if you can be even better? You can WOW your family or your visitors when on a normal day, you will serve them something that looks like it came out of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant! There are millions of recipes on the internet, and just go start enhancing those recipes and make it your own.

5.Just Dance!stay-at-home-mom-hobby

Have you ever heard of Zumba? I’m sure you have, who hasn’t! you don’t have to be in a professional dance studio and you don’t have to pay to be able to enjoy dancing! You can dance your heart out at home – and its free! And if you are worried about what people might think about your dance moves when you are out dancing with them, then you no longer have to. At home, you are the best dancer ever!


If you are not rally into loud music and random movements, then yoga is the form of exercise that will certainly make you feel more relaxed. Yoga allows you to be at peace with yourself and everything else that is around you. Like Zumba, you can also experience Yoga at home and look for free videos online on how to do it.

7.Start Bloggingstay-at-home-mom-hobby

Maybe you are a techie mom, why not start a blog? Talk about your experiences about being n awesome full time stay-at-home mom and how other moms can be like you. You can talk about anything on the internet, and you get to interact with other bloggers as well and talk about life and all other things. Some blogs can even make you earn money! Now, that’s plus. But keep in mind, always be careful with what you post on the internet. Think twice if it is not going to harm you, your family, or anyone else.

8.Sell Things Onlinestay-at-home-mom-hobby

Another thing that might have been stressing you out is the pile of things you and your family no longer need. so, of course, maybe you have already thought of having a yard sale and all, but isn’t that stressful? You have to set things up outside your house, then after that, get everything back inside the house again. The solution to this is to sell it online! It’s more fun and convenient plus you can reach a lot more customers!

9.Read A Bookstay-at-home-mom-hobby

After a really long day, just sitting down and reading your favorite book may be the best unwinding outlet for you. If you can’t go out and purchase books, you can always buy them online and let the book be delivered right out your doorstep. No longer have to go over traffic and long lines to get the perfect book to enjoy your perfect day of relaxation.



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