8 Ways to Stay Energized Throughout the Day

Have you already had everything planned out last night? To no longer be that lazy person you were. Is today the day you had plan on making that change? I’m sure you were pumped up with determination knowing thinking that you will be so productive today. But, I guess that is not what happened. You just felt so tired and weak all of the sudden and whatever you planned last night did not matter. You just wanted to sit all day at home, binge-watching your favorite series and disregarding all your responsibilities.

What’s more annoying is that you know in your head that you really have to work on some important things and will soon regret not doing so. But for some reason, an uncontrollable force is making you to still continue to be lazy. “Why am I always like this?”

You lack the energy. But don’t worry because here is a list of s few things you can work on to keep you energized the entire day, every day.

1. When You Wake Up

You wake up, check the time, then you go back to sleep. That is what you usually do, but its time you change that. From the time you actually open your eyes and realize its morning, try and get up already. And take a nice hot or cold shower, whichever you prefer.

Science shows that this will help your body clock be in-sync with the time of the day. It will inform your body that when there is light, or when the sun is still up, it’s the right time to be awake. And when light is absent, or when it’s night time, your body will know when to be tired and will be ready for rest.

Scientists say that if you keep on sleeping late or having inconsistent bed times, chances are you will be more likely tired during the day. Especially if you have to wake up the same time every day.

2. What You Eat Matters Too

Eating lots of carbohydrates they say is good because it’s where your body get its energy. Although it is important to eat carbs, but too much is not good. Instead of giving you energy, consuming too much carbohydrates can deprive you of energy.

Eat carbohydrates and eat more protein. Whole grains are even better. For example, during breakfast, grab a slice of bread, a sunny side up, bacon or ham, cheese, and a glass of milk.

During lunch time and dinner time, eat some vegetables, more protein and one or two servings of carbohydrates.

3. Drink Coffee at the Right Time

Commonly, a great cup of coffee is consumed during breakfast. Some don’t even care much about eating breakfast, as long as they have their morning fix. But, if you really want to maximize the effects of coffee, it is better you drink it later in the day, instead. Caffeine keeps away the brain chemical that makes you sleepy during the day. When that sleep-chemical starts to build up in the afternoon, when you start to feel sleepy, the effects of caffeine will start to wear off.

According to a research, when you drink a cup of coffee, or any caffeinated drink equivalent to the caffeine in the coffee, at the time you will feel sleepy, you will be energized.

If you are a little more sensitive to the effects of caffeine, start drinking it earlier in the afternoon instead of later. So that you won have a hard time getting some sleep at night.

4. The Time You Eat Counts

Same with the time you sleep and wake up, the time you eat also is associated with your body rhythms. When your body has gotten used to eating breakfast at 6 o’clock in the morning, suddenly eating breakfast at 11 o’clock is going to make all the difference. Being inconsistent with your eating time will lead to making you feel hungrier and make you eat more. Eating too much can make you feel tired. It is better you plan what you want to eat beforehand and maybe pack your own lunch. So that your food will be ready by the time you eat lunch.

5. Learn to Rest & Relax

If you have been experiencing extreme stress today, you might feel to take the whole day off the tomorrow even if its still a working day.

When you are so busy and feel tired, learn to take breaks. Studying? Take 5-minute breaks in between. Working non-stop? Just pause and rest your mind for a while. Maybe even get some fresh air, and release all that stressful vibes and get back to hustling. It’s better to take quick breaks in between what you are doing because you will be relieved from the stress the same day you were stressed. That is so much better than to take an unproductive & unnecessary long break the following day.

6. Skip the Power Naps

Not all the time power naps are that helpful. Sometimes when you take an afternoon power nap, you end up feeling more tired when you wake up. Or worse, you find yourself sleeping through the rest of the day. To stay energized instead, try talking a short walk around the office, or outside. Or you can also resort to just checking your phone quickly catch up on the latest updates. This will make you feel less tired and then a bit energized than before. Remember to know when to stop taking that break, because you might end up wasting your time rather than working. Balance it all out and you will keep yourself from feeling tired and stay energetic.

7. Brigten up the Mood with Good Music

Sleepy? Tired to do anything? Try setting up a work playlist, then set up your mind to be determined to work. Then put on your headphones, and play that playlist and feel the moment. Part of being tired is the way you think, so start thinking that you will be productive today and fuel it up with listening to some bad-ass music.

8. What to Do Before Sleeping

Another common thing you do before sleeping is checking and scrolling down your phone. Studies show that being exposed to light from your smartphone, computer monitor, and tablets, can mess up your body clock. It’s said that the bright light coming from your gadgets can somehow have the same effect to your body while being exposed to outdoor light because of how close we put it in our faces. It will increase brain activity, making your brain alert instead of getting ready to rest from stress like it is supposed to.

Try reading a book, a real book and not one on your tablets or smartphones. Or just lie down and close your eyes and you will eventually fall asleep and will make you less tired and more energized when you wake up the next morning.








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