8 Places You Would Want to Be On New Year’s Eve

It’s almost January, the start of another year and the time to start over again. You may already have a list of the things and habits you want to change, goals you plan on accomplishing, be a better person and all for a better year.  So, before anything else, enjoy your last night of being your old self and have the best New Year’s Eve ever! Get out of town and visit the best city that has the biggest, wildest, and the most awesome New Year’s Celebration!

If you don’t know where to go yet, here’s a list of the 8 best places you would want to be, from different parts of the world, to celebrate your New Year’s Eve:

1.New York City

Visit one of the best cities in the world! Be among the thousands or people (or was it a million?), and take part in the most famous New Year gathering that is celebrated in the one and only, New York Times Square and watch that ball drop!

2.Rio de Janeiro

You may already know that Rio is widely known for celebrating different festivals making it obvious that they really know how to have an awesome party. During New Year’s Eve, around more or less two million party people gather round at the beach to enjoy the party! This wild party will be celebrated at the Copacabana Beach. Enjoy the live performances and beautiful fireworks.

3.Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known to display awesome fireworks! Hong Kong has also the most beautiful skylines that lights up together with fireworks. There is also a replica of the ball drop, the same with New York. This is where you want to be on top of a rooftop, or be in a boat ride when the clock reaches midnight to enjoy the magical display of fireworks!

4.New Orleans

Mardi Gras!! For sure, that’s the first thing that popped in your head when you read New Orleans. After celebrating New Year there, then you’ll have two things to remember New Orleans by. They have this firework display that lasts 15 minutes! After that, you can continue celebrating the rest of the night at there bars and drink and dance the night away!


Thousands of people from all over the world visit Thailand to celebrate their massive festivities, and you have also been there, so why not go and visit this New Year as well? The party takes place in Central World Square where hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the beautiful fireworks, light shows, concerts, and they have a large screen to show what’s going on at the time in the other parts of the world. Then of course, head on to the nearest nightclub! Continue the awesome night there.


The place where unplanned street parties on New Year’s Eve can just pop up at any time, in Amsterdam! But there are also those planned and well-organized parties as well for everyone to celebrate. Almost any part in Amsterdam is a blast. No need to got at a specific location, just party at the nearest gathering you see, because it’s all as memorable. There will be a large display of fireworks in different areas, so there is no way you will miss it! But one other thing, it’s most recommended to enjoy the fireworks from the city’s bridges. Like all other cities, party the night away at their local clubs!


At Bahamas, their street parties don’t just consist of people and music, they celebrate it together with their Junkanoo Street Parades! You will be at one of the most colorful New Year’s Eve parties! Fireworks, live performance, cute and colorful costumes! Don’t forget also to visit their beaches, where they usually gather to enjoy the fireworks. This party is more family-friendly.


Of course, famous for the London Eye, London Bridge, and the Big Ben. On New Year’s Day, the streets are filled with marching bands, dancers, floats, the Queen’s horses! Hundreds of thousands of people from London would then wait for the Big Ben to ring at midnight. Be sure to stand on any of the bridges in London and enjoy the spectacular fireworks display. This lasts 10 minutes. But the fun is just starting, go and finish celebrating on their after parties on clubs and bars!







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