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8 Make-Up Tutorials Every Beginner Should See

Putting on make up is like painting a masterpiece, but on your face. It’s a form art than not everybody can do…or can’t they? If this is your first time to achieve a “fresh” looking face, and that on-fleek eyebrows, don’t worry because you do not really need to hire a professional artist every time you want to put make up on. There are millions of videos on YouTube, that will show you how to achieve any kind of look you want to have on your face. It might be the theatrical make up, scary-face makeup, natural-looking makeup, and all sorts. Plus, they are free!

You don’t really have to wear a lot of makeup every day, but there are some basic make up tricks that you can use, and be able to keep that knowledge and use it whenever you want.

Whether you plan on wanting to have a “no-makeup” look with makeup (sounds crazy, right?), or a bit of heavy makeup for parties, here’s a list of YouTube videos of who you can seek advice to and the step-by-process of any makeup tutorial for beginners and it can be helpful even for those who already have makeup background.

1.To Achieve that No-Makeup Look

Or sometimes it is called the Natural Look kind of Makeup. Here is a makeup tutorial by Leene Marie. Her tutorial will teach you how to start blending that foundation all over your face, and especially you want to know how to conceal those eyebags.

2.Basic Eye Makeup Tutorial

I know there are a lot of things you really need to catch up on regarding this matter. There are different brushes and you have to know which one to use to which part of your face, another is choosing from countless color palettes for your eyeshadow, and of course you need to know how to apply them correctly. Lucky for you, this next video will explain and cover all the important things above-mentioned in this video.

3.No-Makeup with a Twist

This is another no-makeup tutorial but in addition, it also will show how you can apply highlights and to perfectly contour and still achieve that natural / no-makeup look. I’m guessing you’re not yet sure what exactly the highlights are for, well, you will now once you see this video.


4.Be a Pro Real Quick

This video helps you master the art of using eyeline, and not just the ordinary eyeliner, I’m talking about the most challenging one yet will obviously make you look good, the liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners will enhance your eyes, and make your lashes look fuller. Know the tips & tricks with this one on this video!

5.Learn How to Contour & Highlight

You may have already heard a bit about highlights and how to contour, but in this tutorial, you will be taught a lot more about it. you will know all the streaks with all the different colors you put on your face. Just wait and see how awesome the end part of this process will be! Reveal your inner artist and show it on through your face.

6.Drugstore Makeup, it’s all the same!

Yes, makeup can be pretty darn expensive but who says you still can’t achieve the look you want? Thanks to drugstore makeups, you can! It’s affordable and it’s safe. Try this easy makeup tutorial.

7.Have “On-Fleek” Eyebrows in No Time!

One of the reasons why you already thought of investing in makeup is that maybe everyone is already talking about how awesome it is having on-fleek eyebrows, and you also want that yourself. I may be wrong, but you are here anyway. This video tutorial will show you how to have that glamorous eyebrows you always wanted!

8.Eyeshadow Madness

Don’t forget about your eyeshadows! This tutorial is the perfect one to help you look even more gorgeous! She will show you all the techniques in a very simple way. It starts on giving you tips on how to properly hold your brush, how to maintain your eyebrows and keep it from being erased, and how to set your primer. Then maybe you can add false eyelashes if you want. go ahead and try it!


8 Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

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