7 Things Every Girls Should Know



Every teenage girl from various places and culture has its own personal dilemmas. Bounded by inevitably social judgements and social standards, we tend to go through self-doubt and self-incompetence. Being young requires a lot of demands and attention from family, friends, academics, love life and personal life which often lead to stress and pressure. However, instead of worrying too much that hinders you from having peace of mind, there is always a solution and alternative ways to live a happy and simple life without dealing too much with the judgements of others. These are 7 things every girl should know and apply to have a better outlook on life.

1. Follow your parent’s advice

As a teenage girl, we often make dumb and stupid decisions. For that reason, we don’t have to always depend on ourselves especially when deciding important matters. Lean on your parents’ advice and follow it. Always remember that our parents know best and they only want what’s the best for their children. As the quote states,”Listen to your elder’s advise not because they are always right but because they have more experience of being wrong.” It means that at their prime age, they have already garnered collective knowledge and life lessons.


2. Stop acting childish

Some teenage girls intentionally act childish thinking it’s cute or funny. Stop it. Acting dumb and stupid just to gain attention is never cute. Well, unless if it comes naturally, then I won’t argue on that. However if you do stupid things for the thought that it’s appealing to anyone else, then it’s a huge turn-off. Its okay to be silly at times, but don’t overreact.


3. Free yourself from toxic people

It’s normal for being in our lives to come and go. We make friends, then after a while, we lose them for certain reasons. This phenomenon is very usual for most people. Though we long for company, we can’t guarantee to stick with them forever. Some separate ways for personal reasons, some had lost contact and connection with them, and some misunderstandings that might cause the friendship to break. These reasons are apparent to why the bond has to be over. However, there are scenarios in which you are trapped in a toxic relationship with your friends. And yet there’s no audible reason to leave. But how do we know that they’re toxic? Someone is considered toxic if he/she doesn’t give you emotional and moral support, if he/she is constantly cynical to your plans and future, if he/she won’t bother to help you in your times of need, and he/she is selfish and always surrounded with dramas. In this case, don’t mind them and leave them for your own good! Find someone who are suitable for you and whom you can start a healthy relationship with.


4. Treasure your real friends

Once you are free from toxic people, find real ones. And if you’re lucky to have one, treasure them. According to studies, having a big circle of friends throughout your life is unhealthy. It might cause stress and peer pressures. Instead, have only 2 to 3 real friends whom you can depend and rely on. These are your friends worthy of your deepest secrets and worthy to share your personal problems. In return, you have to stay true to them as well. A healthy and effective relationship requires reciprocity. And having a committed and trusted friends are enough to have a happy and positive outlook on life.


5. Define your own beauty

Most girls try hard to look pretty and pleasant. In some cases, girls spend too much time and money to adapt to society’s standards of beauty. However, we cannot fully blame them because of how media widely influence the tolerance and acceptance of plastic surgeries nowadays. With the prominent use of cosmetics and chemically health-harmful products, girls are one step away obtaining it. Discretion, I’m not condemning those who constantly using cosmetics and who had undergone plastic surgery. But as a bit of advice, we should learn to accept and love ourselves that way we feel we deserve. No one else is responsible and in charge of ourselves but us. Thus, we shouldn’t let society dictate us what beauty is.


6. Let your mistakes turned to lessons

We are all familiar with the quote,  “To err is human”. Everyday in our lives, we make mistakes, either big or small. This is what makes us human. Mistakes are ingrained and rooted in our human condition. After committing a mistake or failing something, there many ways how to handle it. Some ignore it, some forget about it and some take it as an opportunity and learn from it. As a girl and having a mindset as a product of social criteria, it is a challenge for most of us to embrace our failures and stumbles. We are constantly striving for success, compliments and accomplishments. We are trying hard to prevent mistakes and to take risks; keeping ourselves trapped in our comfort zone. However, if we look at the positive side, our failures and mistakes are our treasures of learning and maturity. Through these, we are able to unravel different perspective, feelings and a whole new context. It teaches us lessons that success cannot tell.


7. Know your worth

Human as we are, we all experience being bullied or maltreated in ways which makes us vulnerable and degrading. In cases like this, never let that experience let you feel less worthy. Stand up and strengthen your grounds. Do not ever look down on yourself and go through self-pity. Change for better and know your worth. As said previously, we all make mistakes but don’t let those stop you. Instead, learn from it and start appreciating yourself. This might seem easier said than done but do not belittle the power of one’s thought. Go into the mirror and compliment yourself. Self-worth and self-love is an effective and great start to face all the challenges in life.



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