7 Motivational Workout Tips & Reminders

Just after dinner, you suddenly decided that its time to make a change. Summer is fast approaching, and you want to be ready when it comes. And by “ready,” you mean to have that beach body you have been dreaming of. This is probably the nth time each year that you thought about it. but, yes, working out is really hard and takes a lot of effort – in other words, it’s very tiring and you just feel lazy.

For sure, you’ve tried to start working out! Of course, you feel very motivated at first, you are really pumped up to head to the gym and all, but suddenly after a week, all that motivation was lost. You start to continue your old habits again.

So, how can you lose weight without putting up a lot of work? Well, you can’t. That’s just physically impossible.

But don’t worry, there are a few things you should keep in mind to keep that fire going. Try and get motivated with these helpful tips to keep you motivated.

“What the Mind Conceives the Body Achieves”

1.Remember Why You Started

Maybe its just been two weeks since you decided to get serious on working out, but suddenly you just feel tired and, like you just want stop. Don’t. When you feel like giving up, just remind yourself why you started. There’s something about doing this that will boost your motivation and make go another day.

2.Stay Positive

This is somehow inevitable especially if you are just starting out. There are people who might tell you that you can’t do it, but what’s worse is that even the only person who can change you looks down on you…and that person is yourself. Just because you were able to skip one day, or wasn’t able to resist that chocolate cake, all the more reason to keep going! Just accept what has already happened, and focus on what better things you can do tomorrow.

3.Think Like You Have Already Achieved Your Goal

Try thinking about what it is like to have already achieved your goal. You like the feeling? Then let that feeling of happiness and accomplishment give you motivation and do know that all the hard work will pay off soon.

4.Put it In Writing

Some professionals believe that when you write down your goals, the more likeliness that you are to achieve it increases. It’s because, for some reason, your brain is reminded of your goals which will make you feel even more pumped up in achieving them. Try it out. Write it down, maybe even with a few inspirational quotes on the side, and tick off what you have already accomplished. This also works when you make a workout diary. It will make you really happy seeing your progress, and then it becomes addictive that you would want to progress even more.

5.It’s Better to Start Small, Than Not Even Trying at All

If going to the gym is just too much for your first day, or that you can’t just suddenly decrease your calories intake. Focus on small goals first. Try starting with doing 15-minute workouts at home, there are a large number of free videos you can find especially on YouTube. On your diet, try first with removing one food at a time. If you think you’re now ready, take the extra step and increase your workout time to 30 minutes, and so on. You will soon get that hang of it.

6.It’s Okay to Rest, Have A Break

Every week, take lazy day off and just lie down and watch Netflix all day, or even have a cheat day, go out and eat that one thing you’ve been thinking about the entire week, but remember to know your limits. Of course, you can still eat cake but don’t eat the entire layer. Or you can just sleep the entire day. It’s up to you, remember that if you are tired, go and rest not quit.

7.Let Other People Inspire You Also

There are millions of successful weight-loss journeys on the internet, why not read one from time to time. Even famous fitness experts have been through a rough time before, but they managed and continued to work hard for their dreams. Think to yourself, “If they can do it, so can I!”






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