6 Ways to Survive Your Business Trips

Traveling the world is something on many people’s bucket list. How awesome would it be to work somewhere that allowed you to chase that dream?! Business Travels are rewarding and very exciting, but like all ‘ups,’ it also has its ‘downs.’ Traveling for business can be stressful at times, that’s why we’ve created a list of the most important things to keep in mind when preparing for travel.

  1. Pack light




















Pack light and smart. It is essential that you are able to bring everything you need without carrying two large suitcases. One reason for this tip is that bringing several bulky bags takes extra time to have checked. This blunder will also cost you extra cash!

Start with choosing a carry-on backpack or duffle bag. This will be easy to fit under the seat in front of you on the plane should you be unable to find extra cabin space after boarding. Get on and off of your flight without rushing to get into the cabin space whenever necessary. Stress-free!

  1. Get Through Airport Security in No Time

In traveling, whether with business or not, going through security is always the biggest frustration for everyone. Security procedures seem to always be changing! How can you avoid this stressful part of your trip?

Try using the My TSA app. This is the perfect app for business travelers. Keep up-to-date on current security protocols. The app also includes waiting-time estimates, provides weather updates, and will make you aware of any possible delays in flights.

The My TSA app also has a “Can I Bring” feature. You can get your things ready ahead of time, according to the security guidelines, and avoid any problems. Be able to get through that airport security in a flash!

  1. Dealing with Any Delays on Your Flight

Let’s face it, flight delays are inevitable from time to time. Make the most out of this unplanned downtime.

Another useful mobile app is App in the Air. This app is like your personal flight assistant. It will inform you of nearby places to eat and has free wi-fi. So, after finding a great meal or snack,  pull out your laptop and start working while waiting.

  1. Combat the Effects of Jet Lag

Jet lag symptoms can take it’s toll when traveling to and from an area in a completely different time zone. Everyone reacts differently when it comes to changing time zones. One of the best ways to reduce, or possibly even avoid jet lag, is to practice eating healthy and drinking enough water.  Jet lag symptoms may intensify if you are dehydrated or not providing your body with the proper nutrients.

Another way to reduce jet lag is to get some exercise when you reach your destination. Even if it’s just a short jog, this can give you that energy boost you will need to get through the day.

Lastly, expose yourself to sunlight. When you arrive in a different time zone, try getting as much sunlight in the morning or maybe even later in the evening. Just like plants, we need sunlight and water!

  1. Keep Fit and Healthy

You may think that it is impossible to live a healthy lifestyle and be able to squeeze in some time for the gym while traveling for work, you can still make an effort to be healthy. Simply walking when possible is one good exercise opportunity. Avoiding fast food is one way to maintain a healthy diet while traveling. Of course, fast food may not always be avoidable, but cutting back or ordering lighter options will make a big difference.

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Prescriptions

It can be so easy to lose track of time while traveling, but don’t forget to take your prescription medications. Refilling your scripts on time is also important. You don’t want to be in the middle of an unfamiliar area and be unable to get your prescribed meds. There’s an app to help avoid this stress. With Echo, you can be reminded to take your meds, and when you need to refill your script.


Now you are equipped with information to help you avoid hassle as much as possible in your travels. Have a safe trip!

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