6 Ways to Gain Instagram Popularity

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites today, with more than 800 million active users monthly!

Just like Facebook, Instagram quickly outgrew its first usage intention as a fun tool or app for kids, making it a perfect platform for advertisements, marketing, networking and audience-building medium for individuals and brands.

For some people, Instagram has become the most convenient way for promoting almost anything. However, one cannot successfully showcase their product or service on Instagram if the person or page doesn’t have a reputation online. In other words, a person cannot fully extend his or her potential on Instagram if he/she has a low maintenance account. This blog suggests 8 ways to garner fame and popularity in today’s biggest social networking site!

  1. Make the most out your bio




When a user visits your account, their immediate attention is your bio URL and posts. If you have an interesting bio, there’s a higher probability that they will follow you. Make the most out of your bio and create something to reflect your personality. Most commonly, people include their professions, personal description, location, beliefs, and achievements. With this information, your viewer will be able to grasp a summary of your lifestyle and your social entity.

2. Showcase your lifestyle and high-quality pictures

The new wave of lifestyle marketing is extremely appealing. We’re curious about how other people live, especially if we want to live that way ourselves. Nowadays, it is common for people to follow the style trends divulged by famous and influential people. Some of the most popular pages followed on Instagram include pages of celebrities, travelers, entrepreneurs, extreme athletes, and fashion icons. These accounts often feature desired lifestyles, racking up tons of follows and likes.  These are some examples posted by celebrities showcasing their lifestyles.


3. Post a selfie

A good selfie with the right angle and facial expression plays a great deal to your profile visitor. Through selfies, we are able to have a close look at people’s physical appearance and their everyday lives. Like how they act and what they do. Posting an appealing selfie could trigger a person to follow you. Thus, posting good selfies really plays a huge role in becoming Instagram famous.

4. Participate in the use of #Hashtags

When you post something on Instagram, don’t forget to include creative hashtags in your caption or in the comment section. You might be wondering, “why is the use of hashtags so important? How will that make me more popular on Instagram?”; the thing is, if you add hashtags to a public post, it will be made visible on the corresponding hashtag page. This exposure allows any person using or searching the same hashtag to be able to see your post. For every post, it is recommended to use general hashtags like #love, #tbt, #goodmorning, as well as specific hashtags which correspond to your post. In short, adding hashtags to your captions in your post would most likely gain high exposure and creates a high probability of your account being seen by many Instagrammers.


5. Inspire your audience

It is important to be guarded on what you post, especially if you are trying to be an “Instagram star”. Posting something that encourages your followers to do or make something inspirational is a great goal. Inspirational content can be posted in a number of ways, such as posting inspirational quotes, Bible verses, healthy lifestyles and motivational agendas. In fact, Dharmesh, a social marketer, stated that he accumulated hundreds of followers by providing inspiration and productive lifestyle to his audience. According to him, we should be made accountable for whatever we post on social platforms. We have to use this medium with good intentions and take advantage of it’s purpose by delivering positive content.

 6. Don’t just hit the “like” button, leave a comment as well.

Leaving a “like” associated with a comment on a post shows the people you follow that you are sincere. 90% of the time, liking and commenting on other people’s posts will invite them to open your profile and scan your bio and posts. This will lead to more followers.   Aside from gaining a follower, you will become more likely to gain comments and likes on your own posts.


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