6 Ways to Get Promoted Early

New at the office? Having a hard time getting noticed by your boss? If you want that promotion or raise so badly, then here are some tips to get your boss to notice you and boosts your chances for that promotion without sucking up:

1. Be Like Your Boss

Everyone has distinct working styles and have a preferred way of doing things. Learn and adjust to how your boss operates. It does not mean that you have to copy his every move, that’s just creepy. But instead, observe and figure out how he gets things done. Think about it, you like hanging out and getting to know people who loves the same music band as you do. It’s the same with your boss, if he notices that you two are somewhat alike with how you deal things at work, he would certainly want to get to know you more and who knows, he might even want to be your best friend!

2. Be Loyal and Honest to Your Boss

Avoid doing anything that you might soon end up lying about. Start dedicating your work life to be an honest and conscious-free employee. As we all know even we were children, talking behind people’s back is definitely a bad thing. You should realize this as well when in the workplace. Don’t talk about any issue about your boss because information flies fast in the office. You don’t want to lose your boss’s trust because a lack of such can damage your relationship with your boss and colleagues, and your job.

3. Be a Team Player

One of the best approach to impress your boss and earn his respect is to make yourself is being one of the most hardworking people in your team, and showing him that you take things seriously in the workplace. You help and work together with your team members like offering to help meet their deadline (make sure you actually have free time and that you’re done with your work also), be present and on time on all meetings, never miss a deadline, make suggestions and show some alternative solutions. When your teammates start to appreciate you, the good news will spread and will make its way to your boss and will give a long-lasting impression.

4. Be a Solution Seeker

Your boss can’t do everything on his own. That is why you are hired, to assist him with taking care of the business, and the same goes to your colleagues. Instead of constantly reminding everyone about the problem and whining about it, try and suggest solutions. Your boss will surely be impressed with your positivity and initiative. Helping in solving problems, whether it’s big or small, can really make your awesome personality stand out.

5. Be Respectful of Your Boss’s Time

Like every other person, no one really likes to talk about stressful things right after waking up. Be sure that you are sensitive of the time when you try to contact your boss outside the office. Like you, your boss also would love to enjoy their personal days off, so think twice about reporting not-so necessary work to him, unless of course it is a super emergency.

6. Don’t Over-Compliment

Any person will appreciate it whenever someone compliments them or notices the good things they have done. As a regular employee, you also want some kind of validation from someone to tell you that you are doing a great job, this will boost your confidence and it encourages you to work even harder. And for sure, you will remember the person who complimented you. Try it on your boss. They tend to receive complaints from other employees, and it would be a breath of fresh air to hear something positive. Your boss will absolutely love to hear compliments for a change. Also, try complimenting him for doing a great job when your boss is in front of his boss.

While taking note of those tips mentioned above, don’t forget to always produce only high-quality work, be friendly and respect everyone, and show that you are willing to lend a helping hand when necessary. Be not only your boss’s hero, but to your colleagues as well! Hard work always pays off!









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