6 Reasons Why Stay-at-Home Moms are Awesome!

Being a Stay-at-Home Mom has daily challenges. While being at home with your children may have its perks, that doesn’t mean it’s easy!  A Stay-at-Home mom does everything at home, EVERYTHING! And they don’t complain because they know they are doing it for the people they love. Sometimes, we all need a little reminder to really appreciate the hard work our moms do daily.

1. She’s the one who makes sure the house is always clean.

The house is *almost* always perfectly clean (Nobody’s perfect). Stay-at-Home moms wash all the dishes, vacuum the floors, pick up all the toys, make the beds, and even manage to take care of the family pet! Take a moment to appreciate the hard work a stay-at-home mom puts into keeping the home running smoothly.

2. Makes sure everyone eats breakfast before they leave for school or work.

Getting ready for school or work takes up a lot of time and it’s almost impossible to do without the help of Mom. But, if you are lucky enough to have a stay-at-home mom, during your busy morning routine; someone is already prepping your breakfast! Your mom would never let you leave home without eating first. They make sure you start your day right! Thanks, Mom!

3. Makes sure that everyone wears clean clothes every day (They do the laundry!)

Have you ever wondered how all your laundry, (which you just throw on the floor or in the laundry basket) just magically finds its way folded or hung in your closet? Well, that’s not magic at all. It’s a result of your mom’s effort to make sure you don’t run out of clean underwear!

4. The one who takes care of the baby.

Babysitters costs aren’t cheap. With a stay-at-home mom, the baby is always taken care of and babysitter are only used on special occasions.

5. The family Nurse.

When you get a bruise, who is the one who immediately runs to get the first aid kit? That’s right! Your mom! Your mom is pretty much equipped with more than enough knowledge to cure that bruise or cut of yours. Say goodbye to your boo boo!

6. Helps with homework.

After school, moms are always ready to help get some homework done!

Stay-at-home moms are always on the move! They truly are supermoms!

Even though they are exhausted after working all day, they are never too tired to give us hugs and kisses. They never fail to make us feel safe and secure, and most of all, feel loved.

Now…Go and tell your mom you love her and tell her what an awesome supermom she is!

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