6 Reasons Why You Should Go to A College Far from Home

When people hear you say that you are going far away for college is “Are you ready to take care of yourself?” or “You will really miss your family and friends here,” “You’ll get homesick eventually.” Sometimes they’ll even say, “Why study far away when you can study here?” But of course, there are still those who are excited for you. You will be getting different opinions from different people when talking about college locations. Your decision (and your families opinion) is what matters most. If you are struggling with making the decision on whether or not attending a college away from home is best, here’s a list of pros for leaving home for school.

1. You’ll Have a Fresh Start

It’s common for everyone to think that they want to get out of their hometown and be in a new environment, to start a new life. Well, this would be the perfect opportunity to experience a new area. Being away from home, you will be forced to become independent. You will learn how to manage time, get things done on your own, have new experiences. All in all, you will have almost full control of your life.

2. You’ll Learn to Stand on Your Own

Your Mom and Dad will always be there for you. They support you morally, financially, and maybe even emotionally if you need someone to talk to. Once you are out of the house, you will feel more on your own. When you’re sick, you will have to take care of yourself. When you are hungry, you will have to feed yourself. While these may seem like scary tasks, it is important to remember that this is part of being an adult, you are going to have to do it all eventually! From all those experiences, you will grow and learn how to be responsible and self-sufficient.

3. You’ll Learn How to Budget Money

One important thing about growing up is learning how to manage your money. If you continue to be an impulsive spender, you will be in trouble in the future. Being in college, you may still be living off of your allowance that comes from your parents, or you may be working to support yourself. Either way, you will be forced to budget your money. You have to prioritize what is important to buy and what you can do without. You will have a better understanding of the value of money, because you will realize that money don’t just grow on trees.

4. You’ll Learn How to Get Along with People Well

Since you are on your own in an unfamiliar place, you will need to find friends quickly! If you are a shy person, you have to really push yourself out of your comfort zone and socialize. You might look into attending school groups or clubs that you have interest in. You can also start by getting to know your roommate if you have one. You will grow into a more outgoing person and be able to make friends quickly.

5. You’ll Become Closer with Your Family and Friends

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? This is true for some. Your family and friends back at home will miss you as much as you miss them. You might communicate with each other through social media, or by calling and texting them, about how everything is going at school. Being absent from each other for few months will make both sides realize how much you care for and love each other.

6. You’ll Become a Better Person

With everything you will experience, there is no doubt that you will become a better version of yourself. Being on your own will make you realize and think about a lot of things. You will learn from your experiences, both the good and the bad. You may not notice it, but you will grow to be more mature. Being away from home and being independent will change a lot about a person. You will be more responsible and be able to understand more about what life is all about.






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