6 Major Tips to Help You Decide Which College is Best for You

There is a long list of great Colleges out there and you don’t know which one you should start applying to. As a high school student, it is very normal to feel confused and maybe even afraid of choosing which college you would want to attend to. You would want to know which one out there would be a great fit where you feel has a great learning environment and feel comfortable with. You would also want to know which one you can afford and is worth your student loan.

It can be sometimes overwhelming since picking out a College is one step closer to be a responsible adult, you would definitely want to make sure that you are picking the right one especially since you are slowly starting to determine how your future would soon turn out. Just take things one step at a time.

This is a list of tips that can help you choose which college would be the perfect fit for you.

Discuss is with Your Family

Before anything else, maybe it is better to first seek help and advice from the people who is always there to support you and who only wants what is best for you. Maybe during a family meal time or you can just ask them that you want to just sit down and discuss the matter during everyone’s free time. Talk to them about their experience in deciding which college to go to when they were in your position. Ask how they came up with the decision why they decided to go to the college they previously went to. This is also the best time to talk about the financial aspect of college. How much can your parents afford to pay for your future tuition? And maybe figure out whether or not you have to get a student loan.

Make a List of the Colleges You Wish to Attend To

Yes, there is the obvious list of top college choices in the State, but you don’t know yet for sure if they offer the course you want to take. First figure out what kind of major courses you would want to take in college, then do your research on which college that best offers that course. But of course, keep your options open because you will never know that maybe somewhere along the end of your high school days, you might have a change of heart and decide to do something else instead. It’s okay to not be really sure of your list. You will figure it all out soon.

Get Advice from Professionals You Know

Maybe you have an uncle who is an engineer, or a cousin who is a school teacher, a neighbor who is a lawyer, or maybe your parents are both medical practitioners, ask them how they have decided to be the person they are today and why they decided to go to the college they went to. You’ll never know, you might get the same answers, or you will learn how totally different their answers will turn out. But one thing is for sure, you will get some inspiration from all of them.

Don’t Always Follow What Your Friends Decide

This is just one of the most important things you might need to ponder on.  Just because your friends decided to go to the same college, it does not mean that you should too. Remember, you are deciding for your future here. Don’t let peer pressure get to you, and don’t be threatened if your friends will tell you that you might lose your friendship. Because if they truly are your friends, they won’t say that and would be happy with whatever you decide.

Attend College Fairs

Your high school might also conduct college fairs, you should go and check them out. There will be representatives from different colleges who will hand out their brochures and might even wow you to make you want to attend their college. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to ask all the question you need to know about their college. Tuition fees, majors offered, extracurricular activities, and all.

Check out the Campus Yourself

Visit the nearby college in your city, or you can travel as well and visit other colleges in the neighboring cities. This can help you see and feel what is like to be in a college campus and see how different it is from high school. This feeling you get about the campus you visit might even help you decide on the things you want or don’t want about the college you want to go to.







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