Shopping Tips You Need to Know

5 Holiday-Shopping Tips You Need to Know

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the time of giving! Every year, people spend more and more during this season. You have friends and family to give gifts to, to your favorite neighbor, your best friend, and maybe even more to mention. When you think about it, that’s a lot of money you will have to spend to get all those gifts in order. But, what if there Is a way to save money, but still be able to buy everything you need? And this season, there may be no shopping mall in your area that is not already fully packed with other shoppers who are pushing each other, racing to get that last box of toy, waiting in long lines, etc.

Well, lucky for you, because here’s a list of a bunch hacks & tips you will want to know when it comes to holiday shopping. Not only you can save money, you can save yourself as well from any stressful situation you might get into when shopping.

1.Make a Shopping ListShopping Tips You Need to Know

Discounts and promos happen just like that and sometimes, because you think it is such a good deal, you impulsively buy it even though you don’t need it. Or maybe you thought, “I might need this someday” when you actually will not. Instead of saving money, you go and waste it instead. To avoid this, it is much better that you list down everything you need to buy, whether these are gifts for your loved ones or just some things you need for your home. It will be easier for you to have a great advantage on discounts when you already know what you want to purchase. When sale promos pop up on the things you listed, you can then rush toward that knowing you really have to get your hands on it.

Another thing, make sure what you listed are specifically written like what the brand should be, how many, what color, and all that. So you will also know where to look for discounts.

2.Buy Online and Get Free ShippingShopping Tips You Need to Know

Again, going in malls and waiting in long lines can be tiring and frustrating especially if you have a lot of things in your cart. When you shop online, you get to just sit at the comfort of your own home while peacefully scrolling up and down, deciding what to buy for the holidays. No more rushing at the mall and getting pushed by annoying people. You may already know that most online shops offer free shipping, but only if you purchase at a certain amount. What if you only need one thing from that shop? And it’s the only place you can get it but even the shipping fee costs more than what you are going to buy! Fortunately, every year during the holidays there is special day other than the actual holidays. It’s FREE SHIPPING DAY!! And it’s on December 16, so mark your calendars!

This is also great for shopping the last minute in case you forgot about that one thing.

3.Get Your Cash back with Cash-Back WebsitesShopping Tips You Need to Know

As mentioned above, shopping online usually has lots of perks compared to buying in shopping malls. There are cash-back websites (or also known as shopping portals). If you do not know what and how they work yet, then read on. These websites actually earn more from advertising revenue because of the many people who visit their page, and they give some of that money to the visitor, that is why it’s called “Cash-Back.”

Go to their website and sign up. Remember that before you purchase, visit and log in to the portal and then choose the store or brand you want to buy from. It will direct you to the store’s official website. When you buy something while logged in on the cashback website, it will add the money to your account.

There are a few cashback portals online and even have portals for Airline companies.  Just search these websites on google.

4.If You Really Want ZERO HassleShopping Tips You Need to Know

Okay, let’s get this straight.  You don’t know what to buy for your loved ones during for the holidays? Or you may be the laziest person ever or maybe your time is just too precious because of work or for whatever reason, that you don’t even want to think about what to get people for the holidays. I’m not here to judge but instead to give you a solution. Give them GIFT CARDS! You don’t have to worry about whether they would love your gift because you are giving them the power to choose for themselves what they want and that’s not at all a bad thing. You can order gift cards from reputable sources like, They discounted gift cards from everyone’s favorite retail stores. Plus, when you buy gift cards, you still have change because you pay less than the actual amount of the card. Cool, right?

5.Reminders When ShoppingShopping Tips You Need to Know

Carefully take advantage of the deals and sale promos so that you can save money and you don’t get yourself into debt. And stay safe and don’t transact with just any online website, make sure that they are already known to avoid getting scammed, you don’t want your credit card information fall into the wrong hands.

When shopping at malls, there will be lots of people, so don’t wave around your cash or wallet and always watch over your bags and pockets. Thieves could just be around corner watching at the busiest person who looks like who will not notice if he grabs anything from that person’s bag.

Have a successful money-saving shopping spree and have a Happy Holiday!


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