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15 iPhone X Tips and Tricks

Apple is one of the largest phone companies in the world. And I am sure you heard, they just launched their new flagship phone, the iPhone X. It is the only iPhone model that they decided to remove its home button. If you have been an iPhone user all your life, you know that there are numerous tasks that you can do with the home button. Without it, you don’t know how to do those tasks again. I get it that owning an iPhone without a home button can be a big change, but don’t worry here is a quick overview of the usual tasks that you have been doing before, and some other tips and tricks you might want to know about the iPhone X.

1.Taking a Screenshot

Press the Volume Up button and the Side button together at the same time. Then, as usual, it will just automatically save in your gallery.

2.Wake your Phone

Easily Tap the screen one time and the lock screen will show up and you will be able to unlock your phone or just check if you have any important notifications.

3.Back to the Home Screen

While you are using an application, just lightly swipe up from the bottom of your phone’s display and it will return back to the home screen.

4.Swiching from One Application to Another

From the bottom of the display, swipe up and hold then drag to the right. You will then see all the apps that are currently opened and just simply swipe left and right and choose which app you want to get back to.

5.Do a Hard Reset

To force your iPhone to restart, first press the Volume Up button, second the Volume Down button, and then press and hold the side button until it starts to show the Apple Logo.

6.Get Access to the Control Center

Start with swiping down from the top right hand corner of the display (which is next to the notch). The Control Center will then be pulled, and it will show the list of settings and shortcuts which you can also customize.

7.Seeing Your Notifications

You can swipe and pull down starting from the center top of the display screen and you can now see the list of notifications.

8.Turning Off Your iPhone

You can also launch the emergency SOS feature as well as get access to your medical ID with this one. Press and hold both the side button and any one of the Volume buttons.

9.Easily Launch Your Apply Pay

Just double press the side button and your good to go.

10.Know Your Battery Percentage

Since the iPhone X does not really show how much battery your phone has left on your home screen, but it does show on the Control Center. Just open up the Control Center. (Check #6 of this list if you still don’t know how to open your Control Center.)

11.Get High-Quality 2X Zoom Photos

The iPhone X has a telephoto lens that stabilizes your photos. It means that not only you get to high-definition photos right off the bat, you still get that same quality even after you zoomed-in on your photos. You don’t have to move closer to get that perfect shot.

12.Take Awesome Selfies

It’s easy, just open the camera app, switch it to the front0facing camera, and tap on the portrait option, and click away. You don’t really have to do a lot of editing because iPhone X’s camera gets awesome photos that you don’t have the need to edit them. But you can still edit them using the Portrait Lighting feature it has. Select from different lighting effects, and you will be taking your selfies to a whole new level.

13.Produce 4k Videos and Shoot Slow-Mo

Start with changing your iPhone’s setting. Settings => Camera => Record Video. You can also shoot in 240 FPS and produce super slow-motion videos. Settings => Camera => Record Slo-mo.

14.All New Animoji Videos

This feature is one of the newest and cutest thing ever. With the Animoji, you can record yourself talking and with all your facial expressions, and the character on the phone can copy you, as if it were the one actually talking. You can record up to 110 seconds of clips of your Animojis through iMessage. But if you want, you can also send it using other social media applications by using the Screen Recording Feature, which is a new feature that came with the iOS 11.

15.This iPhone Can Charge Wirelessly

While it is actually true that other smartphone brands have already acquired this feature, but that does not mean that Apple can’t have it as well. You can get a wireless charging pad and I highly recommend that you buy only from well-known brands.






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