11 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications available. Almost everyone has an Instagram account. Instagram allows users to express themselves with their own images and create a following. There are two kinds of people on Instagram:

(1) the Instagrammer who just wants to share photos of their lives to friends, and doesn’t really care about the number of followers gained.

(2) the person who uses their photos to promote their work. These users will typically end up having a large number of followers, and is very picky about what photos to upload.

With pages used to gain followers, these accounts may include images or promotions for a number of different topics. Common niches for these pages include daily motivation, fitness advice, business advice, photography, food blogs, celebrities, and even comedic Instagram accounts. Whatever kind of Instagrammer you are, chances are high that you will find yourself following those kinds of accounts.

The question is; out of the millions of awesome Instagram pages, which ones are worth following?

Here is a list of the 11 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts:

1. @makhorov

Vadim Makhorov’s Instagram account are mostly taken from up above tall buildings, statues, cliffs, or any place where you can’t imagine yourself being on the edge of! This photographer has a lot of courage and is obviously NOT afraid of heights. Beware because his photos will make you feel dizzy and scared as if you’re the one in his photos.

Кёльнский собор, как же его не вспомнить. Это был самый эпичный залаз в Европе, который разделил людей на два лагеря. Одни порицали наш поступок, другие восхищались. Настоятель собора даже написал на нас заявление в полицию, но дело не пошло, так как не было состава преступления. А пока народ бугуртил, предприимчевые эмигранты продавали магнитики с нашими фотками на главной площади Кёльна. . Кёльнский собор поражает во всех смыслах. Его начали строить в далёком 1248 году и закончили лишь в 1880 гг. На момент окончания стройки 157-метровый собор на несколько лет стал самым высоким сооружением в мире. . На одной из двух башен собора есть общедоступная смотровая площадка, но что-то снять оттуда невозможно. К тому же виды в Кёльне посредственные. Поэтому мы рискнули пробраться на соседнюю башню, куда доступ туристам закрыт. . Нам повезло, небольшая часть здания была в строительных лесах. Дело было ночью. Лезть по лесам хоть и не сложно, но опасно, так как под ногами ничего нет, кроме стальных палок без перекрытий. Наш путь проходил через кулуары собора. Мы были наедине с настоящим средневековьем в полной темноте и тишине. Когда я вспоминаю про это приключение, у меня перед глазами встают молчаливые статуи ангелов, которые были складированы в башне, на которую мы собирались лезть. . Уже на финальной прямой я увидел внешнюю лестницу без каких либо ограждений, которая шла будто в бесконечность наверх. В тот момент мне стало страшно за свою жизнь, мысли комом пронеслись в моей голове, породив неуверенность. И здесь Виталя, как настоящий друг, поддержал: "Даже не думай остаться здесь, ты ведь будешь потом жалеть об этом всю свою жизнь". До сих пор не жалею, что переборол свой страх и взобрался по этой лестнице на вершину башни. . It is a story about Cologne Cathedral. It was one of the best climbs ever. Translate will be tomorrow in comments. #cologne #kölnerdom #cathedral #ontheroofs #germany #climbing #rooftopping

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2. @humansofny

You’ve probably heard about Humans of New York which is also very popular on Facebook. This Instagram account aims to tell every New Yorker’s life story by having casual interviews and have their photo taken. Check their feed and you might learn something.

Today in microfashion…

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3. @dailydose

Daily Dose is one of the most well-known and biggest Instagram account that posts daily motivation which can certainly help boost your motivation. Founded by Tim Karsliyey, the account was made to make a real difference by encouraging people, through his posts, to do what they want and need to do to achieve their goals.

💯 🙊

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4. @lewishowes

Another Instagram account which covers inspirational content. This guy was a former football player then became a very successful entrepreneur and built several multimillion-dollar online businesses. Find inspiration from people who already made it!

5. @calsnape

Callum Snape is a professional photographer based in Vancouver. He takes lots of photos of beautiful sceneries like lakes and mountains, and as well as animals. Just check it out for yourself. You’ll be left speechless by how breathtaking the views are!

6. @beautifuldestinations

Why follow lots of different travel photographers and have your Instagram feed go all crazy, when you can just follow one account that captures it all? Beautiful Destinations has the most amazing and beautiful travel photos which has almost 9 million followers.  This account is being handled by truly talented photographers who are able to capture, without a doubt, stunning photos.

Amsterdam evenings ✨ (📷: @sezyilmaz)

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7. @bestvines

Photos can be fun but, sometimes, video can be much more hilarious. In case you want to easily watch vines in a single account, then bestvines is the obviously the perfect one to follow!

lol! 😂 👉🏻(@bestvines #bestvines) Credit: unknown

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8. @digbyvanwinkle

Digby & Aloysius are just CUTE!! These dogs get dressed up with hilarious outfits by their owners! Cute and funny! Just check them out!

When you and your brother have to take turns with the Halloween costume.

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9. @KimKardashian

Now let’s got to celebrities. Kim Kardashian! Don’t tell me you haven’t followed her yet?! She’s really active on Instagram and if you want to be first to know about what goes into her life before it reaches the entertainment headlines, then follow Kim Kardashian. And maybe even the rest of her family.

Michael Jackson & Madonna Academy Awards 1991

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10. @badgalriri

Rihanna actually disappeared from the Instagram community for quite a while. About 6 months? In 2014. It could possible be because of her content which some were very NSFW. But she’s back and she’s waiting to be followed!


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11. @buzzfeedtasty

Buzzfeed Tasty makes you drool all the time! They post lots of mouthwatering and easy to cook recipes you will surely want to try out.

Um HELLO 👀 this asparagus-stuffed chicken from @iwashyoudry is DINNER GOALS 😩

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