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10 Simple & Effective Ways to Save Money for Students

Do you have plans on travelling after you graduate? Have you ever wanted to get your hands on that certain thing, but there’s no way you can afford it? Or maybe you just want to have some money in the bank in case of any emergency that might arise that needs money. Whatever the reason is, you are struggling to save money. You might be wondering, how on earth can you save when you think your monthly allowance is not enough for your day to day needs, and that you are already living in a tight budget?

Well, it’s not really that hard. You just need to know these proper and simple ways to save money:

1.Make a Planeasy to save

You may have already heard this before, but it really does make a big difference on how you spend your money. Start with listing down everything you think you need to buy, like food, transportation, necessities, things for your entertainment, etc. then prioritize which expense comes first. Try to think, “Do I really need this? Can I still survive without it?” or something like that. Then figure out how much you want to save daily and set it aside. When you finish this, set aside another budget for your expenses and discipline yourself to stick to that budget.

2.Cook Your Own Foodsave money tips for college

Limit yourself from always eating at fast food chains or anywhere. Instead of constantly paying for your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner, try to buy some groceries and make your own meals. It’s cheaper also to buy in grocery stores than buying straight from vending machines or any convenience store. It’s okay to eat out once in a while, but don’t always splurge. Know your budget’s limits.

3.Stay at Homestaycation save money

If you’re worried about missing out on any party events, be more worried about your budget. Staying in your dormitory or at home will allow you to save. Instead of going out to watch movies, try and call your friends and watch movies at your house instead. or play video games!

4.Visit the Librarymoney tips borrow

Speaking of movies, not only you can borrow books & magazines at your local library, you can also actually borrow DVD’s. This way, you don’t really have to pay for renting a DVD or paying for monthly online subscriptions to watch movies.

5.Bring Your Student Identification Card at All Times

ID’s don’t only get you in your school campus, but it’s also your ticket to avail some student discount. There are lots of establishments that give discounts to students, just always remember to ask them. Whether you are dining out, subscribing to monthly gym sessions, an even Apple offers student discounts.

6.Use Couponscollege save money

Many grocery stores still continue to give away coupons which they tend to print out weekly on their flyers. If someone else got to you first on the coupons, you can always go and check online. There are amazing deals you can find as well not just for groceries or restaurants, but also for entertainment, and fitness-related coupons.

7.Make a Lookout for Upcoming Saletips to save money

Sooner or later, establishments will conduct clearance sales, Christmas Sales, Back-to-school sales, and whatnot. There will also be buy 1, take one or two-for-one bargains, take advantage of them! For food, always check the expiration date so that you will not end up buying in bulk something you can’t finish before it expires.

8.Consider Buying Secondhand Itemstips for students to save money

Stroll around neighborhoods and you might find a lovely garage sale going on. There’s no shame in buying hand-me-downs. Almost everything you can buy second hand, gadgets, books, clothes, furniture, etc. just because other people will not be needing it anymore, it does not mean it’s no longer usable. You will only pay half the price or even lesser when buying hand-me-downs.

9.Give Up Your Bad Habitsstop smoking save money

We all have a bad habit. Just know that you don’t have to waste your money on things you do not necessarily need. Instead of buying a new pack, place that money in the bank. Do this constantly and you’ll be amazed at how much you have already saved in a month. Start slowly so that you will be able to adjust effectively in your new lifestyle.

10.Control Yourself & Stops Impulsive Buyingshopping save money

Yes, I know I said to take advantage of sales, but I don’t mean buying EVERYTHING that is on sale. If you see designer shoes which are miraculously on sale, it does not mean you go buy those pairs in bulk. Learn to control your spending habits, and buy only what you really need.

Saving money will truly change and improve your lifestyle. You eventually become a responsible person and be more conscious about what you need to spend. After saving, you can now enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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