10 Dating Tips Every Man Must Know

Congratulations! You may probably have gotten yourself a date or you may still be planning to ask someone out and this is your first time. And you just don’t know what to do yet. Well, there are a lot of things that might be going through your mind right now… what should you wear? Where should you take your date? Do you have to prepare a lot of jokes? Should you be the one to pay? Whatever those questions are, do not worry because here is a compilation of a few important tips to keep in mind to increase the chances of having your first date an absolute success.

1. Make A Great First Impression

If you want to have that second date, then it is important that you make your first impression really impressive.  But remember to just be yourself, and don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Women loves it when men try to dress up even a little. You will make them feel that you actually took time and thought of making an effort to look good for them. That does not mean that they just want men to wear a suit and tie all the time, or wear too fancy things. Taking a shower, shaving, and putting on something suitable for wherever you plan on having your date.

2. Have Your Date Somewhere You Will be Comfortable

First of all, if you are the one who asked for a date, then you should be the one to decide wear to go and what to do. Unless your date then suggests something else then you both agree to it, then that is also fine. You might think that it is better and safe to let the girl decide where to go on your date, but believe me it’s better you decide. This will show that you are someone who can take control and is responsible enough to think ahead. The problem now is where is the best place to take your date. Now, that is for you to decide. Here’s a list of some ideas on what fun things you can do on your dates. (Link)

3. Be Confident, but Not Too Confident

Guys who are shy maybe cute sometimes, but being confident is even highly valued by women. Just don’t get too confident that you will turn out to be cocky. Talk about your passions, show her that you have goals and be enthusiastic about them. If you think you are a really shy person, try practicing and talk to yourself in front of a mirror. This will not only help you for your date, but also in the real world. Also, one way to overcome shyness is to be comfortable in your own skin.

4. Don’t Let Your Conversation Be One-Sided

Conversations are the crucial part of your dates, it’s the first approach on how you can get to know a person. How you converse is also as important. Make sure that there is room for both of you to share each other’s stories. It is normal that people love to talk about themselves, but don’t get too caught up with your life stories. Take interest as well with your date’s life stories. Maybe after you share yours, ask her if she has also experienced the same things you did. Ask for her opinion on this and that. Really take interest with whatever she says, some women will notice. And if they notice that you really care about what she has to say, then get ready for that second date!

5. Have Fun Conversations

Since it is your first date, try to keep things positive. It’s too early to talk about the bad things in life, like how you hate your job or other issues that will change the mood of your date. You can get to those in the later dates you will soon be having. Maybe make a few jokes here and there, just make sure that you don’t offend your date. Women love it when a guy can make them laugh. Just keep everything in balance. There are times to laugh and have fun and there will be times to be serious. You will figure it all out when you are on your date.

6. As Much as Possible, Don’t Talk About Each Other’s Ex’s

Sometimes, this is just unavoidable that your date might ask about your previous relationship. That’s okay, just don’t dwell on it too much. Just keep your answer short and simple and move on with it before you say something that might make things awkward for the both of you. one thing, reassure your date that your past is all in the past. That you would rather spend time t to get to know her instead.

7. Avoid Your Phone

You know how annoying it is that while you are talking to someone, they just pick up their phone and start scrolling or texting? Then I suggest you don’t annoy her in that way as well. Sometimes, it can be offensive. To avoid anything like that from happening, just turn off your phone completely or put it on silent and keep it in your pocket. Make sure that it will not distract you and your date. She will definitely appreciate it as it will show that you just want to fully focus on your date.

8. Always Offer to Pay

Nowadays, some men have been complaining about equal rights on how women should also pay for their fair share of the bill. Don’t be that kind of man while on your first date. Be a gentleman and offer to pay and insist that it is your treat. If she really wants to pay the bill, tell her that she can pay for the next date if she still wants to. The time will come when both of you will split the bill.

9. Follow-Up Correctly

After the date, don’t forget to tell her that you a great time. But don’t say that you’ll call her if you have no plans at all for a second date. Don’t lead her on and make her feel hopeful, this will only hurt her. But for some reason, you really like her, and you feel like she likes you as well, then don’t hesitate to contact her the next day! Ask her how her day was and all. You know the drill. And maybe plan for that second date.

10. Get Advice from Your Friends

Not your usual guy friends, talk to your female friends! talk to them about your date, and believe me they will have their own opinions, but all will be just as helpful. You will now know what to do and not to do on your next date, just don’t complicate things.

Good luck!






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